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Active Pipeline Management for Complex B2B Sales

Actively helps you qualify and move deals forward through your sales process. A platform for collaboration, sales coaching and organic growth as a team.



Actively suggests which deals to focus on

Provides guidance to ensure momentum

Timely coaching advise and alerts on stalled deals

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No technical consultants needed. Drag and drop to create and refine your process

Provides a clear overview of opportunities and ensures pipeline momentum

Provide context-related content and information

Perfect Your Sales Process

A sales process is crucial to produce consistent results, but there’s often a big gap in theory and execution. Membrain is designed with your process front and center and serves as your sales enablement tool to win complex B2B sales.


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Prospect Effectively

When you reach a certain complexity and length in your sales cycle it’s no longer viable to simple have more meetings and phone calls to increase your sales. You need to prioritize your time and make sure to fill the pipeline with carefully qualified opportunities.


Helps you focus on the prospects you're most likely to win

Identify and walk away from poor fits early in the funnel

Align sales & marketing - formalize opportunity definitions

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Identify areas where the team or an individual can improve

Let go of tedious score-keeping and embrace high-value sales coaching

Coach the team all the way down to deal-level using the dynamic sales process

Embrace Sales Coaching

Sales Coaching is a known driver of increased sales performance. Membrain gives you the tools and insight to identify where the members of the sales team can improve.


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Maximize Insight, Minimize Administration

Sales people are constantly asked to perform excessive administrative tasks. Why? Usually these provide little help in increasing sales performance. Automate the boring stuff and let the sales people sell more!


Minimizes data entry & administration

Stop building graveyards of information

Automated forecasts and analytics

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Capture valuable insights from the field

Completely change the tone of internal sales meetings

Constantly strive to improve your sales effectiveness

Become a learning organization

Bring the successful behaviors and tactics of individual top performers into your process and sales strategy. Maintain and spread that valuable recipe for success throughout the company.


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Enable New Hires to Succeed

Equip your new hires with all the sales enablement content and guidance they require to succeed. Coach them to not only reach their activity targets, but on how to perform those activities in the most effective way.


Bring your content and training into your sales process 

Minimize ramp-up time for a new hire to deliver results 

Reduce employee turnover by making them successful

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Qualified Prospects entering the Pipeline

A Winning Sales Process

Quality Sales Coaching

Continous Improvements

Get Aligned!

There is a missing link between sales theory and practice. Our core mission is to help ensure and improve best-practice sales behaviors using intelligent technology.