CONSISTENT sales execution


Membrain comes in three editions, all designed to meet the varying needs of B2B sales teams with the shared ambition to help you grow with every deal and consistently reach your sales targets.

With Membrain in place, you will streamline your sales efforts by visualizing your sales process and laying the foundation for quality sales coaching.

Over time, you will minimize hidden sales costs such as slow on-boarding, lack of best-practices, undisciplined discounting and poor win-rates.

Getting started with Membrain is easy for everyone in the sales organization. Our team will assist you at every step of the on-boarding process to ensure a smooth implementation.


Membrain’s Foundation version is ideal for start-ups and smaller sales teams that want to establish a foundation for predictable and consistent growth.

You get everything you need to implement a customized sales process to structure your sales efforts and establish the right sales behaviors.

The Foundation version also includes productivity tools and sales analytics to help improve sales performance management and get your sales coaching program off the ground.



Membrain Performance gives sales organization with medium to large sales teams the platform to increase sales effectiveness.

It includes all the foundation capabilities plus a better structure for lead management and prospecting campaigns and supports multiple sales processes.

The Performance version adds win/loss analysis to help continually improve your sales process and additional tools to take your coaching efforts to the next level, including our dynamic sales process capabilities.



Membrain Excellence is the complete solution for best in class sales organizations.

Excellence customers have full access to all integrations, the Membrain API and advanced features for sales team analytics, user rights management, company hierarchies and sales region overviews.

Customers on the Excellence tier can also employ the Playbook capabilities of Membrain, enabling your process to change based on conditions such as competitors, industry, deal size or any other parameter that is important to you.


Common Questions

Do we have to buy services?

YES. While Membrain is incredibly easy to customize and use, we want to ensure that you quickly become familiar with the tools to execute your sales strategy. Unless you are already working with a strategic Membrain partner, our on-boarding service is mandatory.

We also provide data import services to safely bring your data from your current database into Membrain, as well as sales process design workshops to map your unique sales process and methodology into an informative and actionable process in Membrain.

Do we need to sign annual contracts?

YES. We want to provide your organization with more than just software. We want to help you achieve consistent sales performance, which will require consistency in execution. 

For us to give you the committment needed to help you to achieve your goals, we need a committment from you.

Can we integrate with Outlook & Google calendars and email?

YES. There is a full two-way sync of both calendar platforms and server-side email integration with any email platform.

Many providers have hidden fees, will there be any surprises?

NO. We price per user at the price point for the edition you chose. There are no traffic charges, storage fees or expensive 3rd party technical consultants needed.

Is Membrain a CRM? Or do we need a CRM as well?

EITHER OR. This depends on the needs of your organization. You can use Membrain together with your current CRM, such as Salesforce or Microsoft Dynamics.

That said, many customers do replace their old CRM with Membrain's built-in CRM capabilities.

Is there a free trial of Membrain?

NO. While many other software companies provide self-service trials of their software (and often self-service support as well), we don't believe it to be the most efficient way for you to reach your outcome.

Instead, we'll take the time to understand how we can help you execute your sales strategy. We then set up an evaluation format suited to your needs. Just reach out and we'll get started.

Invest in your sales people

In the end, it's all about your people! By building your sales platform with Membrain, you'll provide your team with the best possible conditions for repeatable, consistent success. If you want to find out if Membrain is the right software to help drive predictable sales performance for your organization, click below to get started.