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87% of sales training is forgotten if not reinforced

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Is your sales training being ignored or forgotten?

Is your sales collateral hard to find? Over $5 billion per year is spent on sales training and 87% will be forgotten within three months if not reinforced on the job. 

Membrain drives winning behaviors by placing content in context, enabling skills development and alignment. Membrain allows you to integrate educational information, collateral and guides in the right context - your sales process. This helps all your sales people to increase their skills from hire date through every deal they work.

With Membrain your team will have all the tools to adopt the behaviors needed to increase their sales effectiveness and consistently reach their sales targets. Your team will be equipped with a complete sales effectiveness platform that can either replace or plug into your existing CRM.

The tools to drive winning behaviors

Enable your team to take the right actions at the right time, with the right people. Share knowledge-increasing content within your sales process to make sales people grow with every sale.

Embed training material to turn new knowledge into skills and improved performance. This also helps new hires quickly get up to speed. By always knowing the next step to take, your sales team can sell in a professional and confident manner.

Collaborate & get proactive intelligence with Membrain Guide

Collaboration and communication is critical when working with complex sales, with Membrain Guide you can do this easily from one central place. Membrain Guide is a collaboration tool for the entire sales team. Team conversation appears here in real-time, upcoming appointments, emails from stakeholders and prospects are highlighted and you can see when clients engage with your email content.

Membrain Guide also adds intelligence to your day to day, ensuring that you never miss a beat in your sales efforts. Your team will receive proactive guidance and get instant alerts on missed steps and process gaps to avoid stalled deals and consistently achieve their targets.

Active Pipeline Management helps you consistently reach your targets

Many sales teams struggle with a stale, inaccurate and underperforming sales pipeline. Traditional CRM systems simplify the pipeline to a stage dropdown. In complex sales this is not enough.

In Membrain each opportunity contains the outcomes of your sales process: which milestones have been reached, the influence and attitude of key stakeholders or deals that are at risk. The health of each opportunity can clearly be seen, enabling your team to prioritize their sales efforts and sales leaders to rapidly identify coaching opportunites. Replace emotion with data-driven evidence to avoid stalled opportunities & no decisions.

Align with your buyer using the Decision Team Map

As sales professionals, our toughest competitor is "no decision". The reason? No consensus. The average b2b buying decision team consists of 5.5 people. How do you get everyone on-board? Failing to get every stakeholder on-board is the single biggest sales mistake that causes deals to stall and get lost. Using traditional CRM you're blind, with Membrain you gain insight that wins you deals. Do we have obvious gaps that need to be addressed? Do we have everyone on-board? Is someone with significant influence unfriendly towards us?

Visualize the decision team, capture and score attitude and influence and embed these tools inside your sales process to eliminate the mistake of relying on one or two contacts. Align with your buyer's decision team to increase your sales effectiveness.

A complete platform for complex b2b sales

Execute your process
Enable Your Team
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Optimize your Strategy

Make it easy for your team to execute your sales process

Struggling to implement your sales strategy? Are your salespeople stuck in old ways? Sales teams that follow a structured sales process achieve 48% higher win-rates (source: Sales Benchmark Index).

Membrain makes it easy for your team to execute your sales strategy by actively guiding your team through your sales process and playbooks.

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Enable your team to drive successful behaviors

Is your sales training forgotten or ignored? Is your sales collateral hard to find? Sales training is quickly forgotten if not reinforced.

Membrain drives winning behaviors by placing content in context, enabling skills development and alignment. Membrain allows you to integrate educational information, collateral, and guides in the right context - your sales process. 

Equip sales leaders to effectively coach their team

Hard to find the time to coach? Difficult to know who to coach, how and when? Do you have to rely on a small group of top performers to reach revenue targets? Sales coaching has proven to be the leading driver in increasing sales performance, but too few do it well.

Membrain equips sales leaders to effectively coach their team by providing the information, context, and tools needed to coach sales teams to higher levels of performance.

Continually optimize your sales strategy

Does your team rely on discounts to win? Is your pipeline full of deals that will never close? Can’t trust your forecasts? 

Membrain helps you continually optimize your sales strategy to build predictable sales performance and a sustainable competitive advantage. All the tools you need to stay one step ahead.


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