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A complete sales effectiveness platform that can replace or plug into your existing CRM. Make it easy for your team to execute your sales process and enable salespeople to drive successful behaviors and improve with each deal. Equip sales managers with the tools needed to coach to higher performance. Continually optimize your sales strategy to gain a competitive advantage.


With Membrain your team will have all the tools to adopt the behaviors needed to increase their sales effectiveness and consistently reach their sales targets.

Intelligent Sales Analytics

Poor goal tracking and activity management result in failed ramp-ups of new hires and low quota-attainment for all. Unaddressed, this quickly becomes a million dollar problem, even with a small sales team. Membrain facilitates the understanding of what drives sales performance to consistently reach targets.

The software comes with intelligent sales analytics out of the box, making it easy to spot trends and quickly make needed adjustments to your strategy, tactics and coaching efforts. Easily track win-rates, deal size and sales cycles over time. With real-time access to the sales performance data that matters, you can focus on progress, not just activities. These insights power a data-driven approach that improves both forecast accuracy and win-rates.

Continually optimize your sales strategy with the Win/Loss Analysis

If you're not constantly evolving, you're losing ground to your competitors. Membrain lets you monitor success indicators and improvements over time with powerful trend analytics.

Use the win/loss analytics to understand why you win and lose. Detect your team’s strengths and improvement areas. Model the behaviors of top performers and share best practices by easily adjusting your sales process to improve forecast accuracy and win-rates. It's done in minutes, not weeks or months.

Sales Performance Management

Does everyone on your sales team know their goals and have a laser-focus to attain them? Are sales quotas broken down to objectives and activities that are easy to understand and follow up with on a daily, weekly and monthly basis?

Membrain makes sure that all sales team members understand their goals and receives the guidance to continually reach their targets. Visualize progress towards sales goals, break down quotas into objectives and activities, always know the true status of your sales pipeline and capture the leading indicators that lead to success.

Motivate your team by recognizing and highlighting their progress towards goals

A Complete Platform for B2B Sales

Execute Your Process
Enable Your Team
Coach Effectively
Optimize Your Strategy

Make it easy for your team to execute your sales process

Struggling to implement your sales strategy? Are your salespeople stuck in old ways? Sales teams that follow a structured sales process achieve 48% higher win-rates (source: Sales Benchmark Index).

Membrain makes it easy for your team to execute your sales strategy by actively guiding your team through your sales process and playbooks.

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Enable your team to drive successful behaviors

Is your sales training forgotten or ignored? Is your sales collateral hard to find? Sales training is quickly forgotten if not reinforced.

Membrain drives winning behaviors by placing content in context, enabling skills development and alignment. Membrain allows you to integrate educational information, collateral, and guides in the right context - your sales process. 

Equip sales leaders to effectively coach their team

Hard to find the time to coach? Difficult to know who to coach, how and when? Do you have to rely on a small group of top performers to reach revenue targets? Sales coaching has proven to be the leading driver in increasing sales performance, but too few do it well.

Membrain equips sales leaders to effectively coach their team by providing the information, context, and tools needed to coach sales teams to higher levels of performance.

Continually optimize your sales strategy

Does your team rely on discounts to win? Is your pipeline full of deals that will never close? Can’t trust your forecasts? 

Membrain helps you continually optimize your sales strategy to build predictable sales performance and a sustainable competitive advantage. All the tools you need to stay one step ahead.


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