Higher win rates.
Less work.

Add-On Module: Prospecting Campaigns

Stop wasting time on
unqualified leads

Effective prospecting matters. Qualifying deals early in the sales process is essential for increasing sales effectiveness and generating higher profit margins. To build a healthy pipeline and ensure momentum, sales teams need to focus on the right prospects.

With the Prospecting Campaigns module, you’ll formalize the process of qualifying and scoring the right leads to your ideal customer fit, so your team spends their energy where it matters.

Here’s what you get with the
Prospecting Campaign


Qualify your prospects

Formalize your qualification process by identifying and “scoring” prospects on a scale from ‘good fit’ to ‘poor fit’. This replaces emotion with evidence and gives your team a shared definition of when to add opportunities to your pipeline to be forecasted.

Define and identify your ideal customer

Ensure prospect fit with easy-to-understand criteria that align with your organization’s ideal customer. Quickly eliminate ‘time wasters’ to increase pipeline momentum by quickly identifying non-buyers and focus only on high-value prospects.


Manage multiple prospecting campaigns

Quickly identify the best actions to take for prospects by choosing from a list of prospecting campaigns designed for specific scenarios. Work with campaigns created for inbound leads, outbound efforts, existing customers, geographical territories, and more.

Enable winning behaviors

Make sure that your salespeople always have access to the right information at the right time - both educational as well as customer-facing resources, such as videos, white papers, and case studies. This prevents the age-old problem of spending too much time searching for resources in different file folders. And encourages on-the-fly learning. 


Why add this module?

This module empowers your team to quickly identify and focus on high-value prospects, disqualify poor fits, and drive increased deal sizes and pipeline momentum.

How it works

This module allows you to create any number of customized Prospecting Campaigns. Provide your team with the tools and workflows to prospect effectively, align sales & marketing with clear definitions, and formalize how to pursue and qualify the right prospects.