Sales Analytics+

Beautiful Data. Smarter Sales.

How Do You Know What to Improve,
If You Don’t Know What’s Broken?

Better data = better strategy and execution. Poor tracking and analytics results in failed ramp-ups of new hires and low quota-attainment for all. Unaddressed, this quickly becomes a million dollar problem, even with a small sales team.

Analytics Shouldn’t
Be Scary

The Sales Analytics+ module works effortlessly out of the box. Complete with simple-to-understand sales analytics that makes it easy to spot trends and adjust your strategy, tactics and coaching efforts.


Here’s What You Get With the Sales Analytics+ Add-On

Real-Time Analytics

With real-time access to the sales performance data that matters, you can focus on progress, not just activities. These insights power a data-driven approach that improves both forecast accuracy and win-rates.




Actionable Data

Ensure that all team members understand their goals and receive the guidance to continually reach their targets with clearly defined key performance indicators.

Get a visual representation of each team member’s progress through the pipeline and break down quotas and objectives into actionable tasks.

Capture the winning behaviors that lead to success and motivate your team by highlighting their progress and wins.

Customizable Dashboards

Don’t stop at ‘out of the box’. Take our powerful analytics to the next level by dragging-and-dropping the most relevant sales information into your own easy-to-understand dashboard.

Get the exact data you need, when you need it, delivered in a snapshot that works specifically for you.


Shareable Reports

Easily share regular progress reports with stakeholders by subscribing to beautiful, presentation-ready PDFs that provide an at-a-glance look at the health of your sales pipeline. Schedule these reports to be sent to any inbox, at regular times.

Give access to Live Dashboards to external stakeholders, giving easy access to any Dashboard for everyone.

Dashboard Gallery

Customizable, flexible, and easy to use. Create stunning visualizations to help drive strategic initiatives, hone in growth opportunities, or for simple reporting. Configure your custom dashboard(s) from any of our pre-existing widgets and get the information you need all from one central point.



Product Database and Income Forecasting

Itemize and track the products you sell. Whether it’s a physical product, service, or recurring revenue item, you can track your revenue in different categories or over time and forecast expected revenue.

Why Add This Module?

This module helps you analyze and optimize your sales process in minutes, rather than weeks or months. With NO setup!


How It Works

This module provides intelligent Sales Analytics designed to help your team forecast accuracy and win-rates, all from beautiful, easy-to-read dashboards. Easily track win-rates, deal sizes, and sales cycles in real-time. Learn what makes you win, where you struggle, and continually optimize your sales execution. Quickly make needed adjustments to your strategy, tactics, and coaching efforts by modeling top performers' behaviors. Then share best practices by easily adjusting your sales process from within the admin panel.