Let's design a sales process together


The Sales Process Creation Workshop focuses on developing, designing and documenting a sales process that is easy to learn and follow by your sales teams. Depending on your company size and the complexity of your offerings, this can be achieved in a single workshop, or series of workshops.

When incorporated into Membrain (or embedded into Salesforce), you will create an informative and actionable workflow that systematically encourages self-correcting behaviors, guides everyone towards their sales goals and provides the analytics to drive continuous sales improvements.

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This is what it's all about



  • Sales management and leadership
  • Marketing and business development
  • Sales enablement and operations


  • Design a sales process for proactive sales efforts
  • Create a shared sales language to improve collaboration
  • Define clear KPIs to measure goal progress
  • Improve the accuracy of sales forecasting and feedback
  • Create a framework for improved sales coaching


  • Brainstorm current sales practices and buying behaviors
  • Define a list of key buying milestones and sales activities
  • Model the process to manage sales opportunities
  • Map out stages, milestones, steps and sales tools
  • Define shared sales terminology



Price and practicalities

  • The initial session will take 2 hours and we will be using the sales process creation tool. If you go through this ahead of the session, it will be even more productive.
  • The workshop will be conducted as a web conference so that participants can join from anywhere in the world.
  • We recommend that your sales leader, a frontline sales manager, and a top salesperson attend to create consensus on these levels. There is no limit in the number of participants on your end. 
  • The price starts at $249 for an initial session, which can be extended into several sessions when needed.

(Disclaimer: our ambition is to also create an interest in our Sales Enablement software, which is why we offer this service to such a low price.)