Sales pipeline management helps you consistently reach targets

Membrain provides workflows to qualify opportunities, prioritize efforts, and move deals forward.

In traditional CRM systems, the pipeline is a representation of opportunities. Often just a list and sometimes a visual representation of the stages these opportunities are in. 

In complex sales, this is not enough. Each opportunity needs to contain vital information and milestones that need to be completed with certain stakeholders at specific time frames to ensure progress.

Membrain goes beyond just visualizing your pipeline. We show you the health of each opportunity and the guidance needed for deal momentum.

active pipeline

  • Visualize sales progress
  • Improve forecast accuracy
  • Monitor pipeline hygiene
  • Maintain pipeline momentum
  • Manage multiple pipelines

Maximum pipeline visibility

Innovative visual pipeline overview 

Quickly assess overall pipeline health

Track deal status in real-time

Actionable Pipeline Insight

Instantly alert to pipeline risks

Rapidly identify coaching opportunities

Influence deals to maintain momentum

Improve Forecast Accuracy

Focus on deal progress vs. activities

Replace emotion with evidence

Avoid stalled opportunities & no decisions

Membrain allows us to make changes on the fly, improve where we identify bottlenecks, and help reps that might have some gaps in their pipeline before it becomes a serious issue.

Grant Sadowski, CEO & Founder of Becoming3D

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