Coach Teams to Higher Levels of Performance

Sales coaching can improve sales performance by 19%

Sales coaching has proven to be the leading driver in increasing sales performance. Membrain provides sales leaders with the information, context and tools to coach sales teams to higher levels of performance.

guide & coach

  • Know who to coach, when to coach and what to coach to win
  • Provide real-time guidance
  • Reinforce best practices
  • Maintain opportunity momentum

coach your team to reach their targets

Identify Coaching Opportunities

Rapidly identify coaching opportunities

Visually detect missed steps and process gaps

Instantly zero-in on stalled deals

Ensure accountability to increase pipeline health

Provide Active Pipeline Guidance

Focus on high probability opportunities

Keep deals moving toward close

Develop deal-level strategy

Automate Your Expertise

Model behaviors of top performers

Reinforce best practices

Encourage disciplined sales approach

Utilize progress alerts to eliminate “micro-managing"

This is a sales management dream. What should I be coaching on? Who is doing well? What happens when my people take shortcuts? Why are we losing/winning? Membrain gives you the intelligence to act.

Brian Kavicky, Vice President/Owner at Lushin Inc

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