Grow with every deal using sales enablement

Over $5 billion per year is spent on sales training and 87% will be forgotten within three months if not reinforced on the job.

Membrain allows you to integrate educational information, collateral and guides in the right context - your sales process. This helps all your sales people to increase their skills from hire date through every deal they work.


always growING

  • Make training stick
  • Speak with one voice
  • Utilize sales methodology
  • Understand desired outcomes

It takes 65% longer to lose a deal than to win one; qualifying deals is essential to sales performance

Make training stick

Provide training material to reinforce new knowledge

Ensure that everyone uses the same sales language

Provide deal-level coaching to increase win-rates

Content in context

Provide sales collateral from the right context – your sales process

Use in-process sales guidance to quickly get new hires up to speed

Model the behaviors of top performers and share best-practices


See when your customers engage with your content

Get more meetings with the built-in scheduling service

Automate hand-over points to eliminate costly mistakes

Membrain allowed us to start giving effective support to the sales people and sales managers straight away. Consider Membrain a tool to develop their skills.

Magnus Johansson, Managing Partner at Operation in Leadership

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