Sales performance guidance keeps everyone on track

Identify key success drivers to improve forecast accuracy with progress-based analytics

Does everyone on your sales team know their goals and have a laser-focus to attain them? Are sales quotas broken down to objectives and activities that are easy to understand and follow up with on a daily, weekly and monthly basis? 

Poor goal setting and activity management result in failed ramp-ups of new hires and low quota-attainment for all. Unaddressed, this quickly becomes a million dollar problem, even with a small sales team. 

Membrain provides sales leaders a system to make sales goals understandable and allows real time access to the sales performance data that matters.  

Gain instant intelligence

  • Break down quotas into objectives and activities
  • Understand key success drivers
  • Improve forecast accuracy
  • Highlight strengths and weaknesses

Identify and measure key success drivers to improve forecast accuracy with progress-based analytics

Quickly capture key sales metrics

Always know the status of your sales pipeline

Allocate Sales Goals across sales processes

Capture the Leading indicators that lead to success

Set meaningful Activity Goals to influence progress

Track progress
in real-time

Visualize progress towards sales goals

Monitor success indicators with trend analytics

Maintain momentum with timely notifications

Provide continuous coaching tailored to each person and their goal progression

Eliminate time wasted creating reports

Quickly configure sales goals and guide your sales people towards them

Easily track win-rates, deal size and sales cycles over time

Stop wasting time “fixing sales reports” with built-in analytics

Focus on progress, not just activities

Creates transparent communication within sales about prospect status, objective and aligned quantification of pipeline and forecasting. So we can spend the time with the right prospects.

Jonas Ehinger, CEO of Osstell

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