Increase both efficiency and effectiveness

Spend more time selling

Sales professionals have a lot of responsibilities and demands on their time. Although our focus is always on increasing effectiveness – to do the right things, it does not mean that efficiency – doing things quickly, is unimportant. 

Membrain's sales productivity tools are designed to make you both quicker and more structured.

productivity highlights

  • Email templates & tracking - know when your emails are engaged with
  • Get more meetings using built-in scheduling service
  • Be notified  when important steps are needed with your prospects and deals 

progress more deals with smart tools

Spend more time selling

Time Management

Get more meetings with the built-in scheduling service

Know what sales activity to prioritize

Be notified on important events

Email Productivity

Quickly send and track engagement with your emails

Highlight emails from prospects and opportunities

Use email templates to save time

Purpose-designed views

List views with in-place edit capabilities

In prospecting, the focus is on speed

For opportunity management, overview and strategy is in focus

In analytics, trends and progress are front and center

Membrain can easily become your main emailing platform too; linking your communications to your prospects' account.

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