Achieve consistent performance

The sales effectiveness platform that drives successful behaviors in complex b2b sales

Execute with consistency

Membrain makes it easy to set up and follow a milestone-based sales process aligned with your sales strategy.

Drive skills and behaviors

Membrain captures and encourages best practices and collaboration to drive successful behaviors and growth.

Coach to higher performance

Membrain provides sales leaders with the information and tools to coach sales teams to higher levels of performance.

Continually optimize

Membrain helps you continually examine and optimize your sales strategy to build and maintain your competitive advantage.



With Membrain GO you have the capabilities of the world’s most sophisticated sales effectiveness platform in the palm of your hand. Easily execute your sales process on the go!

Discover Membrain GO
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    We have established an actionable best practice sales process, which helps us improve our win rates and decrease sales cycle length.

    Rasmus Nervall, CEO of Adsensus
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    What Membrain does really, really well is to manage the sales process in a way that makes sales people want to use it.

    Bob Apollo, CEO of Inflexion Point
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    Membrain stands in a class by itself. It truly gives sales management what it needs, while being easy to use for salespeople.
    - Dave Kurlan, CEO & Founder of Objective Management Group


What’s holding you back from consistent success? Key challenges in complex sales:


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    Top Sales Awards Winner!
    Winner of the Top Sales Award - 2 years in a row!
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    Highest NPS score of all vendors!
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    Top Sales Tool 2013-2016
    Top Selected Sales Tool
  • Salesforce and Membrain
    Complement Salesforce with Membrain to make your sales strategy easy to execute and consistently reach targets!
  • Outlook and Membrain
    Built-in calendar sync makes sure that your meetings are always in Outlook, Membrain and your smartphone! And allows the use of Membrain's scheduling service!
  • Zendesk and Membrain
    Create transparency between sales and customer support by automatically showing Zendesk support tickets in Membrain.
  • Hubspot and Membrain
    Drive your inbound marketing efforts with Hubspot and build your sales infrastructure using Membrain!
  • Zendesk and Membrain
    Move data between Membrain and 100s of applications with just a few clicks, using Zapier!