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What Should Sales Enablement Enable?

Although organizations pour billions into sales training and technology, quota attainment keeps declining. As a reaction to this, sales enablement initiatives are on the rise. But what is sales enablement, really?

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The Sales Leader's Guide to Choosing the Right CRM

Everyone needs a CRM... right? Well, what exactly is CRM to you? Are you looking for "one system to rule them all"? Or is that utopia and wishful thinking? How do CRM systems help companies to sell more? Why do so many CRM projects fail? Learn more in this whitepaper.

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How to Build an Effective Sales Coaching System

88% of world-class organizations devote adequate time to coaching, while only 32% of all organizations do. Get this whitepaper to learn what coaching is and what it is not, what to look for in a good coach, mistakes to avoid and how to make coaching a part of your company culture. Bonus: example coaching questions to get started!

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The Top 10 Sales Methodologies Compared

Sales methodologies, developed by people who’ve studied masterful sales professionals, modeling their behaviors into replicable methods. Effective implementation can greatly increase performance. But which one is right for your organization? Find out in this whitepaper!

Guide to Effective Sales Process Execution

Sales is in an effectiveness crisis. 41% of sales professionals are failing. It’s easy to blame outside factors. But the truth is, if we’re going to turn sales performance around, we have to take a good, hard look at sales process. To achieve consistent results, you need an actionable and measurable sales process.

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Sales Process Design Template

Excel Tool
A well designed sales process allows the replication of best practices and improves sales peoples’ skills while minimizing risks for both buyer and seller. It's a powerful concept. But, where to begin? Right here! Download this Interactive Excel Tool to get started.
Sales Performance Analytics

Sales performance analytics for high performing sales teams

While many organizations talk the talk when it comes to sales analytics, but few effectively leverage analytics to improve sales effectiveness. Here's how.

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Realistic goal setting in complex B2B sales

Content Pack
Is everyone on your team reaching quota? Or are your sales numbers running away from you? If so, you are not alone. Download our realistic goal setting kit, that includes an interactive excel tool, to ensure realistic, achievable goals that will set you on the path to sustainable sales excellence.

Scania Mining's sales transformation

What does it take to break the conventions and fundamentally change not only what you sell, but how you sell it? Learn how Membrain's sales improvement software helped Scania Mining implement a global sales transformation initiative that resulted in 25% revenue growth and 50% profit margin increase.

SalesStar drives 63% win rate increase with Membrain

A challenge for Salesstar in New Zealand was finding the right tool, one that would encompass everything they felt a sales process should be. How could they successfully integrate their best practices and sales strategy with the system their sales people were using? Since implementing Membrain, SalesStar has seen their win rates go up by 67% and average deal size has tripled.

Prima Ressource improves consulting engagements with Membrain

Case study
Sales consultants are part of a complex formula, it’s often impossible to prove whether a short-term improvement in sales results is due to the consulting, or some other factor. Prima Ressource has created a formula for consistent performance across their client base, increasing their sales by 15-30%. Learn how!

How Westermo implemented effective lead qualification & create more accurate forecasts

Case study
Westermo is the leading manufacturer of mission-critical data communications systems for physically demanding environments. To maintain their growth they recognized a need to modernize their sales process and improve sales effectiveness.

Analitek fuels nationwide growth with Membrain

Case Study
Learn how Analitek use Membrain to formalize their sales process and expand their sales operations across the country and internationally. Within a year of implementing Membrain, quota attainment has gone from 50% to 104%.

The Skender Construction sales transformation

Case Study

Learn how a 200-person construction company grew revenue by 25% in one year.


Why the Global Marine Group left Salesforce for Membrain

Case Study
Learn how with Membrain as their new platform the nature of their customer conversations has started to change, and sales leaders are able to adopt a more focused approach to improving key performance indicators such as qualified lead velocity and win rate.

From Hubspot to Membrain - The HOW and WHY of a Sales Platform Transformation


Learn how PDAGroup transitioned from Hubspot CRM to Membrain’s b2b sales platform to achieve all of these benefits within their own company, so that they can now support their clients with the confidence of this proven approach.