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Challenges Building a Sales Consulting and Training Business

Research has shown that 87% of all training is forgotten within a month without reinforcement. In other words: No matter how brilliant your strategy, methodology, content, or training, it’s a huge challenge for clients to break free of old habits and adopt new behaviors.

Other problems that we hear from sales development experts are the limitation of time, the challenge measuring your impact, offering services remotely, "roller-coaster" revenues, and scaling the business beyond a small core team.

We understand your frustrations and offer a partnership to resolve these problems to help your business grow together with your customers.

The forgetting curve:


1 + 1 = Long-Term Success

The true value for our mutual clients lies where your expertise, knowledge, and services overlap with Membrain's capability to operationalize that strategy and help reinforce winning sales behaviors. And to free them from the complexities of traditional CRMs systems and inflated "sales stacks."

In addition to the benefits to your clients, you can help more clients without compromising on the quality of your deliverables, gain greater insight into your clients' momentum and increase your “stickiness” with them by helping them become more effective and successful.

Together we'll make a difference!



Why Care about Technology & Tools?

Traditional CRMs were developed on the assumption that "salespeople know how to sell and should just log what they've done." This is why companies spend fortunes on technical consultants and add-ons. By partnering up, we can break this vicious cycle and free up budgets to re-focus on people and processes.





From Theory to Practice

Effective implementation and accountability are essential for achieving sustainable results from sales consulting and training efforts. Traditional tools employed by sales organizations today simply weren’t built to help drive accountability and successful behaviors.

We’ve developed a vehicle for your expertise. One that makes the implementation of your sales methodology and strategy easier and more effective; a vehicle that empowers and guides your clients on the road to success, even when you’re not there.

Gretchen Gordon
Braveheart Sales Performance
Membrain is a game-changer.
The more I use Membrain, the more thoughtful interactions I’m having with clients, and it’s amazing how much people respond to that. We’re not just getting people to do more, we’re getting them to do it better.
Paul O'Donohue
CEO SalesStar
Membrain makes it happen! SalesStar's Membrain Edition includes our consultative system. Using it, salespeople immediately relate to the process because it’s the one we have facilitated and the methodology supports what we’re teaching.
Frederic Lucas
Prima Resource
Membrain makes our work stick
I have several clients who have been using Membrain for many years. When using Membrain, they’re using the methodology we developed for them. It brings durability to the work, and to the engagement. It makes our work stick, and our customers become more successful.

Partnership Options

Our partner program is designed to match different partner's ambition levels for collaborating with Membrain in elevating the sales profession.

At the lowest tier, you refer clients without much of a time investment on your behalf. If you'd like to get more hands-on with Membrain, you'll become a Certified Partner. To level up from here, you'll become an Impact Partner. As an Impact Partner you'll have additional resources available to miximize impact and growth.

If you have your own methodology, the Impact tier is where we create the perfect harmony between methodology and technology by productizing your intellectual property and scale it globally. Our Master partners have a channel of partners using their methodology and achieve even greater scale and success.

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Membrain, out of the box, is the most complete sales effectiveness platform on the market. It has all of the right dashboards, analysis, behavior tracking, and process integration. And salespeople actually live in Membrain.
Brian Kavicky, CEO, Lushin

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We don't believe that technology alone is enough. Nor is sales training alone. Together we will make a real impact! Let's partner up today and help clients operationalize sales effectiveness!

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