Making Your Strategy and Training Stick

Let's elevate the sales profession together!

Research has shown that 87% of all training is forgotten within a month without reinforcement. In other words: No matter how brilliant your methodology, content or training, it’s a huge challenge for clients to break free of old habits and adopt new behaviors.

Other problems that we hear from sales development experts is the limitation of time, the challenge measuring your impact and growing the business beyond your core team.

We understand your frustrations and offer a partnership to resolve these problems to help your business grow together with your customers.


From theory to practice

Effective implementation and accountability are essential for obtaining sustainable results. Traditional tools employed by sales organizations today simply weren’t built to help drive accountability and successful behaviors.

We’ve developed a vehicle for your expertise. One that makes the implementation of your sales methodology and strategy easier and more effective; a vehicle which empowers and guides your clients on the road to success, even when you’re not there.

1 + 1 = long-term success

The true value for our mutual clients lies where your expertise, knowledge, and services overlap with Membrain's capability to operationalize that strategy and help reinforce winning sales behaviors.

In addition to the benefits to your clients, you can help more clients without compromising on the quality of your deliverables, gain greater insight into your clients' momentum and increase your “stickiness” with them by helping them become more effective and successful.

Together we'll make a difference! 



Partnership options

Our partner program features two tiers designed to match to your chosen level of collaboration with Membrain, and equipped with a variety of advantages to suit your needs and ambitions.


As a Referral Partner, you recognize Membrain’s capabilities & the value they bring to provide your client sales teams with sales enablement technology.

Using this knowledge, you’re able to identify customers whose needs harmonize with Membrain’s strengths that we can help become more effective together. You will refer customers to us, but might not wish to integrate our technology into your core offerings 


As a Strategic Partner, you resonate with “the Membrain way”, and seek full integration with your operations. This level of partnership offers the ultimate in win-win benefits, with prioritized access to Membrain’s entire range of support resources and tools, longer and stronger customer engagements.

You will also receive the training and licensing you to need to deepen your expertise and ultimately pilot Membrain independently, thus increasing your customer offering and revenue capabilities.

Partner up today

We don't believe that technology alone is enough. Nor is sales training alone. Together we will make a real impact! Let's partner up today and help clients operationalize sales effectiveness!

Become a partner

Membrain, out of the box, is the most complete sales effectiveness platform on the market. It has all of the right dashboards, analysis, behavior tracking, and process integration. And salespeople actually live in Membrain.
Brian Kavicki, CEO, Lushin

SalesStar drives 63% win rate increase with Membrain

A challenge for Salesstar in New Zealand was finding the right tool, one that would encompass everything they felt a sales process should be. How could they successfully integrate their best practices and sales strategy with the system their sales people were using? Since implementing Membrain, SalesStar has seen their win rates go up by 67% and average deal size has tripled.