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8 things you need to know about hunting whales

For the Inuit people of North America, hunting whales is serious business. They plan for whale hunting season all winter long and when spring comes, they station scouts to watch for signs that the ice is breaking up and the hunt can begin.

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What’s The Customer Business Problem?

My friend, Tim Ohai, made an interesting statement, “Sadly many sales people have no idea how to identify when no customer problem exists.”

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How to win more deals with 3 storytelling techniques

Once upon a time, my youngest brother - who wasn’t very tech savvy at the time - worked with me selling enterprise IT automation software. He was very successful, far more than seasoned IT salespeople on the team, and I couldn’t quite explain why.

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The Best Ways To Create A Culture Of Accountability NOW

Sales leaders often ask, “How do I create a culture of accountability?” Before we can tackle this question, we must understand what their current culture looks like, how they got where they are today, and what needs to change to make them more successful

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3 reasons your sales kickoff is a waste of money

Are you headed out to Las Vegas in January for a giant sales kickoff (SKO) event with your team? Flying folks in from all over the world for a few days of inspiration, motivation, and team-building, mixed heavily with fancy buffets, alcohol, and schmooze?

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Speed Limits, the Flow of Traffic, and Sales Pipelines

I don't get stressed anymore when I'm driving. All it took was for me to not exceed the speed limit.

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6 reasons revenue attainment may be the wrong measure for success

  CSO Insights has published their 2018-2019 Sales Performance Study, and the headline news sounds promising: More organizations are attaining their revenue goals than last year. 93.9% of surveyed organizations reported achieving their revenue numbers, against 88.9% last year.

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Sales Training And The “Forgetting Curve”

Every year, billions are spent in sales training. Yet all the data shows over 80% of what is taught is forgotten within 90 days. As a result, what really is happening is that every year we are throwing away billions on sales training.

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3 ways your marketing team is wasting their time

You know this story. Sales thinks marketing is out of touch. Marketing thinks sales is lazy.