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Here are three reasons organizations are abandoning their old CRMs

Before I began the work that would eventually become Membrain, I was a part of, and built, sales organizations. I became intimately familiar with the unwieldy nature of most CRM implementations, including the industry-leading Salesforce CRM. I experienced firsthand the results of poor user adoption rates and low technology ROI–resulting in graveyards of information, instead of guidance for salespeople.

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How Executives Fail to Understand the Reasons for Poor Sales and Revenue Performance

"That wasn't what I expected!" You might say that after reading an awesome book, waiting for months and years in anticipation of the movie version, only to be extremely disappointed when the much hyped film failed to live up to what you remembered feeling when turning the pages.

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Top challenges for sales leaders in the new year

ProSales Institute issued their 2017 Sales Agenda report last month, which surveyed almost 400 sales leaders on their top challenges for the coming year. I read it with interest as I always do, and the results line up with where I see the industry’s challenges to lie, as well.

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The Sales Manager’s Job Is Different

The front line sales manager (FLSM) has, possibly, the single most difficult and important job in the sales organization. FLSMs are responsible for translating the strategies and priorities of the organization into execution by their teams. Through their teams, they are responsible for millions to tens of millions in revenue.

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Sales leaders are confused about what content can do

Sales content is a hot topic right now, with companies like Hubspot preaching the value of being able to organize, track, and measure content designed to support salespeople.

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0%, 50% or 75%? In Sales, It Just Doesn’t Matter.

How far has a potential prospect progressed through their buying process before they engage with a seller for the first time? 

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How to design a sales process that helps build trust

There’s no question that trust is critically important in sales. Without trust, sales falter. But have you ever given thought to what, exactly, “trust” is?

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Drilling into the need beyond the need

Theodore Levitt was the first to introduce us to the idea that “people don't want to buy a quarter-inch drill, they want a quarter-inch hole” - and this observation has surely now become one of today’s most relevant and widely quoted sales aphorisms.

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Why your best performers make terrible managers

Sales coaching is an important key to improving sales performance. The coach is the salesperson’s most important connection inside the organization, and the coach’s success or failure impacts the success and failure of the entire team.