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What Is The Role Of Sales Enablement?

This post may seem like I’m bashing the sales enablement function and sales enablement professionals. Taken in its most broad context, it’s a critical function. Sales enablement professionals have a tough and important job. Many of the most important initiatives focused on improving sales performance come through sales enablement.

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How to harness the power of anecdotal fallacy in sales

Cognitive biases of all sorts have a profound impact on the way buyers make buying decisions and on how selling organizations function. A few months ago, we launched this series to help sellers and sales leaders navigate the world of cognitive bias, combatting it where necessary and harnessing it where possible.

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Is your prime contact a budget maker, a budget shaper or a budget taker?

Most sales methodologies stress the importance of identifying whether a budget exists, and a naïve interpretation of the BANT qualification framework [Budget, Authority, Need, Timeframe] might imply that unless a current and adequate budget exists, it’s not worth trying to sell the prospect anything.

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Here's what you really think about Millennials

When it comes to Millennials in the sales workforce, you have opinions, and you’re not afraid to state them.

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Coach People. Manage Objects.

In meetings with a group of sales managers, it became apparent that there is a trend in terms of sales manager effectiveness. It is so common that the sales manager used to be a good sales rep, that it is typically easiest for them to tell the salespeople what to do, how to do it and when to do it...

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How to improve sales with better call coaching

Better coaching is a critical multiplier toward better sales performance. Among the many specific capabilities managers need, is sales call coaching.

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A CEO's Guide to the Differences in Sales Leadership Roles

I was reviewing a sales leadership evaluation with my client, a CEO, who was a bit confused over how this was different from a sales management evaluation. He wondered, "Aren't sales managers and sales leaders the same?"

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What is Sales Force Automation (SFA), and why should you care?

Nearly every industry in the world is looking for ways to automate processes, and the sales industry is no exception. The word Sales Force Automation (SFA) sounds promising in that it promises a reduction in costs and efficiency improvements. However, sales force automation is not (yet?) everything it is hyped to be.

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Rethinking The Role Of The SDR (Sales Development Representative)

Recently, I’ve been on a bit of a rampage, rethinking how we identify and pursue opportunities. In this post, I’m trying to look at how we deploy people to actually find these opportunities.