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Elite Salespeople are 200% Better in These 5 Sales Competencies

Professional athletes have one trait in common - they are all very athletic and their skills are among the top several hundred in the world in their particular sport. For example, in Major League Baseball, there are 30 teams with 25 players each, making those ball players the top 750 in the world. Dig a little deeper and in each sport there is an even smaller subset of players who are all-stars. Among the top 750 baseball players in the world, just 34, or just a little shy of 5% of that group are named to the all-star team each year.

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CEO: What you need to know about why your sales department is screwing up

I hate to be doom and gloom, but many sales departments are failing to perform. Year after year after year the data coming out of organizations like CSO Insights shows decreasing sales effectiveness on nearly every measure in nearly every industry.

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Want to Get Good at Change Management? Think Like Sir Isaac Newton

We’ve all been here before. Whether we’re the CEO moving the company in a new direction, a CRO introducing new products or sales methodologies, an IT Director launching a new SaaS solution, a PM shepherding a project through the corporate gauntlet, or even simply an analyst trying to get others to recognize and act upon what we’ve discovered, we’re all trying to create change in our organizations.

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How to scale your small team to operate like a big one

In today’s coaches corner, we’re discussing how to move your sales team upstream from making small sales to small business, to engaging and closing enterprise business, without adding necessarily new members to the team.

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What Did The Customer Learn As A Result Of Our Meeting?

Usually, after a sales call, we ask ourselves, “Did I accomplish my objectives?” (That is if you assess yourself after the sales call.) It’s a critical question, we need to be purposeful and focused in each of our meetings with the customer. 

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How to train your people not to think

I heard a horror story from a sales leader recently whose organization uses about 15 different sales tools. One day, the "cadance tool" was glitching and unusable.

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Is this the most counterproductive sales metric?

If we’re driven by data and interested in statistics, there are a wide range of sales metrics we can choose to monitor. Assuming that we have collected the data in the first place, we can measure win rates, sales cycle velocity, changes in deal value or close date and all manner of other indicators.

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Behind the Scenes with Tamara Schenk, Sales Enablement Book Co-Author

Perhaps more than anyone else in the world, Tamara Schenk knows sales enablement. She has been conducting research and publishing studies and research-based blog posts on the topic with CSO Insights for many years and is the top expert to consult when you want hard data and deep insights.

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What Exactly Is Sales Enablement?

Sales Enablement is a hot buzzword bingo term these days. The problem is, were you to ask 10 companies what Sales Enablement is, you’d probably get 13 different answers. Let’s see if we can’t clear up the confusion a bit with a high-level working definition that fits everyone’s situation: