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What you think you know about the buyer's journey is wrong

 These days, there’s a lot of talk about the “buyer’s journey.” We’re all supposed to be mapping it so that we can align our marketing and sales with it. Supposedly this is going to make us exponentially more effective.

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Takeaways from the 2017 Sales Enablement Society Conference

Late last year, I wrote about something which happened in Palm Beach, FL when the Sales Enablement Society was officially formed. 100 of us arrived at the Breakers, not knowing exactly what to expect, but knowing there were looming problems requiring our collective attention. A few weeks ago, about 280 of us from around the globe descended upon the Renaissance Hotel in Richardson, TX to continue examining the issues. What transpired over three and a half days, and the mindshare which occurred, was in a word transformative.

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5 steps that will make your managers into better coaches

“I’ve been involved in more than 30,000 deal reviews, 30,000 sales call reviews, thousands of forecast reviews, and more. That means I have a rich and varied… and sometimes painful… experience with coaching.”

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The Oversimplification of Sales Performance Work

Yes, you read that right. I’m worried about some of the things I’m reading and trends I’m seeing in the world of sales performance improvement. Simple is good. Oversimplified is not.

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How to ask better coaching questions

Great coaching makes it easy for your sales team to execute on sales process and methodology. It supports skills growth and reinforces the right behaviors at the right times. It also improves ramp-up times and reduces excessive turnover.

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Opportunity qualification is a continuous process

If you’re involved in complex, lengthy and high-value B2B sales environments, you can’t afford to regard opportunity qualification as a one-off exercise. You need to think of it as an ongoing process, in which you continually accumulate new learning as well as regularly revalidating any previous assumptions.

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These Four Limiting Beliefs are Undermining Your Sales

“Every salesperson has a collection of beliefs. When they are positive beliefs, they support positive sales outcomes. When the beliefs are negative, they sabotage ideal sales outcomes. Our thoughts and beliefs influence our actions, and our actions lead to outcomes.”

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Guiding Our Customers On The Wrong Buying Journey

I have to start this post with a story. I’m an obsessed reader. At least once a week, I have to sign into Amazon to feed my reading habit. On logging in, I’m immediately fed suggestions of books I should buy...

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5 reasons you should dump your old CRM

More and more organizations are coming to terms with the fact that traditional CRM has simply not lived up to its promises. Touted as a powerful sales performance tool, in many organizations it has turned out to be an unwieldy tracking and reporting tool, a glorified Rolodex that salespeople resent while sales managers wrangle to get them to use it at all.