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How To Develop A First Class Sales Team

Pick up a typical sales report and what words do you find? Verbs like analyse, forecast, plan, assess and schedule, are used in pursuit of organisations that are efficient, productive and predictable...

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It’s not rocket science! No, maybe sales is more complex...

A brain surgeon, an astrophysicist, and a salesperson walk into a bar. The brain surgeon says, “Man, I’ve had such a long day in the operating room. That last surgery was so complex I had to have three nurses, two anaesthesiologists, and an orderly help me.”

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7 Questions to Find Out How to Best Motivate a Sales Rep

The motivational tactic that resonates best with one salesperson might actually demotivate another. Motivation is highly personal, so sales managers should take the time to understand the specific preferences and drivers of each member of their team.

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It’s Time to Stop Trashing Millennials and Embrace Their Gifts

Don’t click on this article if you want to party a while longer with your Millennial-bashing troop. As for me, I’m tired of it. For some time now, we’ve been awash in “Why Millennials Suck” or “How Millennials are Killing Sales” headlines, and the truth is: Millennials don’t suck, and they’re not killing sales.

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Business Simplification – The Number 1 Job Of Sales Enablement

Most people talking about the Sales Enablement function agree the goal of Sales Enablement is to improve the productivity and overall performance of front line sales professionals. But after that, a lot of the discussion starts going a little haywire—at least to me.

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How to build Salesforce dashboards that don’t suck [Interview with Gary Smith]

Gary Smith is the Chief Executive of The Gary Smith Smith Partnership (GSP). Gary writes frequently and expertly on the topic of sales dashboards and sales metrics. We caught up with him recently and asked him to share his secrets to creating sales dashboards that don’t suck. Here’s what he had to say.

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How To Tell If Your Customer Profiles Are Broken

One of the most common – and perhaps most concerning – gaps we see in B2B sales organizations is the lack of true customer insight. We certainly understand that this is a complex topic, as the discipline of researching and validating customer perspectives is genuinely a full-time endeavor. Markets change, competitors innovate, and customers evolve.

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How to get your salespeople to actually listen

It’s no secret that customer focus is one of the key differentiators of highly effective sales teams. In fact, in her conversation with us last year, Tamara Schenk of CSO Insights shared that 94% of world-class sales teams work a “customer core” approach versus 39% of all respondents.

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Imagine: A World without Sales Managers

We all struggle occasionally to keep things in perspective. In particular, we start to take things around us for granted - things that are so embedded in our daily landscape that we stop recognizing them as being uniquely valuable.