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Cognitive bias: What it is, how it impacts sales

In his groundbreaking work, Thinking, Fast and Slow, best-selling author Daniel Kahneman made the case that thinking is actually much harder work than we often realize.

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Never mind your prospect’s situation - what about their trajectory?

Most of today’s most popular B2B sales methodologies - including Value Selling, Challenger®, Solution Selling, Consultative Selling, SPIN® selling and many more - recommend that we always take the time to diagnose our prospect’s current pain points before we seek to propose our solution.

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How to optimize sales effectiveness with Membrain

Many sales leaders remember when Salesforce hit the market in 1999 and created a buzz around how it was going to make sales more efficient and effective and increased pipeline visibility.

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(Re)Defining Sales Fundamentals

When I say “sales fundamentals,” what do you think of first? Is it a sales process? Is it a CRM? Is it objection handling (or other similar skills)?

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Are those new hires you just fired actually revenue gold?

I’ve long had a hunch that sales departments were throwing away perfectly good salespeople on a regular basis, but until recently I didn’t have the data to support my belief or to quantify how much it was costing organizations to operate that way.

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Sales Management is Always Responsible - or are They?

I can't think of a single scenario where we can't blame sales management for poor sales performance...

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What is a complex sale?

We all talk about complex sales, but how do we define it? After asking around, I discovered that everyone has an opinion, but nobody really agrees on a definition.

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Why Inflexion-Point chose to partner with Membrain

Inflexion-Point has just announced a partnership with Membrain to incorporate our Value Selling System® methodology into their groundbreaking sales effectiveness platform for complex B2B sales.

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Do you know why your sales team can’t gain traction?

Across the industry, sales organizations have been losing ground for almost a decade. Quota attainment is down, win rates are down, and turnover is up. Sales leaders complain that they just can’t seem to get ahead. A changing sales environment is partly to blame, as is the shifting role of technology in sales.