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Try Selling Sand!

As much as sales people try to sell solutions or sell value, too often they fall back on great products. They focus on product, features, functions, feeds and speeds.

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New resources to help you up your coaching game

Sales coaching can be a critical multiplier for sales performance. Some would argue that it’s the main driver to increase sales effectiveness. Yet, too few seem to be doing it well.

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The Bonding Problem

Today’s case is a bit of a puzzle to solve. Here we have a situation where an underperforming salesperson’s activities - call volume and scheduled meetings - are equal to (or even better than) his better-performing peers. And yet, his win rate is low.

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How to boost your revenue with Predictable Prospecting

Sometimes, the way you begin a thing determines how you will end it. Nowhere is this more true than in the sales pipeline, where how an opportunity comes in at the front end, can make or break the revenue that pops out at the other end.

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What the Top 10% of All Salespeople Do Better

The best athletes in the world know exactly how they do the things they do that make them so great. In addition to their God-given talent, they outworked everyone else to master the mechanics and nuances of their sport, the mindset required for greatness, and competed at a high level from a very young age.  When they falter they can easily make the adjustments necessary to get back on track.

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Here's how to tell if Membrain is right for you

Choosing the right CRM for your organization can be tough, and fraught with perils. The wrong choice can be expensive both from a direct cost perspective, and in lost productivity and poor adoption rates.

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Are your sales people suffering from value vagueness?

Whether they are involved in winning new business or seeking to retain or expand existing business relationships, one of the key things that every member of your sales organisation needs to understand is how they establish unique value for each existing or prospective customer.

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Here's how to set more realistic sales goals

Goal setting is an important part of motivating and holding salespeople accountable. The right goals give salespeople something to stretch for, plus the satisfaction of achievement when they do. When goals are realistic, they will also improve forecasting. Unfortunately, many sales teams struggle to hit the sweet spot between “challenging” and “achievable.”

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“Focus On Activity More Than Results”

It’s clear that activity drives results—or at least it should. We all know that orders and revenue is a trailing metric. The danger of focusing on end results is that by the time you can report them, it’s too late to do anything about it.