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Why Sales Enablement Can Prevent Success

Late last year I attended a presentation from Brent Adamson, Coauthor of The Challenger Sale and Principal Executive Advisor at CEB (now Gartner). He spoke on sales enablement... something that everyone needs to own within the enterprise.

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Here's something you should stop doing this year

Sometimes improved performance lies in what you do. Sometimes, it lies in what you stop doing. If better sales results are part of your plan this year, here are some things you should stop doing right now.

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Measure Change in Sales Effectiveness without Numbers and Metrics

We want to get better at selling and as sales leaders we want our salespeople to improve. We need them to improve.

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Five Years of Membrain: 5 Keys to Success

When I founded Membrain 5 years ago, it wasn’t because I thought I was great. It was because I knew I sucked. I sucked at helping salespeople succeed, and I wasn’t alone: Lots of companies sucked at helping B2B salespeople succeed.

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Are you selling "me-too" or "breakthrough"?

Have you ever wondered why so many apparently promising B2B sales opportunities end with the prospect deciding to either stick with the status quo or choose the cheapest from a set of apparently similar options? Or why even if they do have a preference, the customer is often only willing to pay a very modest premium for what they see as no more than a "slightly better" solution?

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How the 'one system' myth can destroy your effectiveness

There’s no doubt that disconnected systems and siloed information can kill organizational effectiveness. In an effort to combat this, many companies strive to buy integrated solutions that can handle data and processes across all organizational functions, from marketing and sales to ERP, HR, production and supply chain.

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The Myth Of The “Single Decisionmaker”

How many people are involved in the customer buying decision? If you are a fan of CEBs research, the answer is 6.8. Other research says there is always a single dominant decision-maker. Still other research suggests there is a dominant influencer (or mobilizer), that drives the decision-making.

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Your sales enablement will fail without these 5 things

Sales enablement is a multi-billion dollar industry, with more than a third of organizations reporting planned investments this year. Yet if history has anything to teach us about those investments, less than half of those initiatives will achieve most or all of their goals. The problem is that many organizations invest in point solutions without first laying the groundwork that will make their investments pay off.

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Creating a new axis for SPIN® Selling

Like many people of my generation, I was brought up on SPIN® Selling. It’s a little chastening to reflect on the fact that the book was first published nearly 30 years ago, but it (as Neil Rackham himself pointed out in a recent APS conference) remains a highly relevant element of the complex B2B sales toolkit.