Save Time by Automating Repetitive Tasks With Membrains Powerful Automation Engine



For Most Things - Humans Are Better
But Automation Has Its Place

With Membrains Automation you can leverage automation where it makes sense to give your team more time to perform the most valuable tasks.


Automations perform a sequence of Steps for a given item in Membrain. Automations can execute on a Company, Contact, Prospect, Sales Project or Account Growth Project.

You can enroll an item in Automation manually one by one, in batch, from a process step or via an automated process event, or use automatic enrollment criterias.

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Sample Use Cases

Automatic Prospect Assignment

Use our comprehensive suite of conditional steps and randomization to automatically assign Prospects based on any number of factors such as territory, prospect size, product interest and more.

Automatically Archive or Renew Account Growth Projects

If you run Account Growth Project on a year-to-year basis you can easily setup an automation to close down last year and set up a new one for the next.

Data Clean-Up And Categorization

Leverage automations to set data based on existing data points. Ex. set a more easily filterable NPS Category based on an NPS score field.

Automate Email Flows

Use automations with Wait steps and Email steps to send customizable email sequences to your Contacts.

What Can Automations Do?

Conditional Branching
Random Branching
Delay Between Steps
Set Properties
Add/Remove Labels
Change Owner
Change Status
Create Tasks
Create Prospects/Sales Projects/Account Growth Projects/Tickets
Send Emails
Send Messages to Guide/Slack/Teams
Enroll or Unenroll from other Automations
Send Webhooks to External Services
Change Process
Move Projects Between Stages
Set Next Step in a Process

Want to learn more about Automations or want to try it for yourself today? Reach out to your Customer Success Advocate and we'll help you get started.