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Centralize To Synchronize, So You Can Optimize

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Better Than a Filing System

The Content Hub stores, organizes and smartly recommends helpful content when and where you need it.

The sales content problem, solved.

Collateral Content

Centralized location of all of your external sales resources like white papers, case studies, and product information that you want to share with clients and prospects.

Enablement Content

Reinforce behaviors and make training stick by centralizing storage of internal sales resources so they can be triggered to pop up at specific times in a sales process.

Machine Learning Recommendations

Intelligent recommendations based on machine learning of your most helpful content so you can share your content when it makes a difference.

Pass on Wisdom and Best Practices at Scale

Integrate your sales content at strategic stages in a sales process to turn your salespeople into your competitive advantage.

Now everyone is on the same page. The right page.

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Context Management

Makes content easier to find and provides useful guidance to help your team understand how and when to use each piece of content.

Content Cards

Connect the dots for multiple team members automatically by adding information to educate, give context or outline steps or processes to follow.

Collateral Sharing

Smartly recommends content to a salesperson during the sales lifecycle, where they can be shared with the prospective buyer at a point where it makes all the difference.

Link to External Resources

Keep the continuity flowing by capturing outbound links in one place.

Embed Videos

Link to a video that is already hosted online on Vimeo, Wistia, or Youtube. When clicked on it will play directly within Membrain.

Upload Files

Upload files like Word, PDF, Excel files, etc. directly into the Content Hub.



Track the Actual Value of Your Content

Easily see which content is shared, who uses it most effectively, and which pieces have the greatest impact on your sales results.

No more guessing, use what works.


See what content is shared and when, who uses each piece of content most effectively, and what content has the greatest impact on your sales numbers.


Track engagement so you know what's working. Over time Membrain learns which content works and recommends more of that.

This is the Content Hub
Reinforce training
Content in context
One central hub
Speak with one voice
Track engagement

All training content at your fingertips

Content Hub stores internal resources (training videos, templates, pre-approved proposals, and more) to reinforce sales training initiatives to help your team get better at what they do.

Instant access to the content you need

Once you add your content, you choose exactly when to make it available based on stakeholder roles, sales process stage, industry, competition, or anything vital to your sales strategy. Membrain then offers intelligent recommendations based on machine learning using all these factors, and more so you can share your content when it makes a difference.

All your sales content in one place

Content Hub stores all of your content in a central place. It ensures that your sales team has the collateral (white papers, case studies, demo videos, and more) exactly when they should be sharing it in the sales process.

Speak with one voice

A central place for all your sales collateral and training content makes it easier to ensure that everyone communicates similarly, ensuring your brand coherence and positioning messaging stays on point. The Content Hub is where marketing and sales meet to use what is working and update what needs to be improved.

Track engagement to know what’s working

Membrain is designed to track user engagement with the content you use, so you can see what content is shared and when; who uses each piece of content most effectively, and what content has the greatest impact on your sales numbers. The content that is proven to be most helpful and effective will be recommended more.

Membrain Is CRM and Sales Enablement Combined. When HOW You Sell Matters!

A three-time Top Sales CRM winner, a Top Sales Tool for five years straight and named the Top Sales Enablement Technology three years in a row. Membrain is the only software named as a G2 Crowd High Performer in each of the CRM, Sales Performance Management, Sales Coaching and Sales Enablement categories.