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Add-On Module. The Sales Content Problem, Solved.

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The biggest problem with sales content?

Without a plan for how to use it, it’s ineffective. Like a training manual that sits on a shelf collecting dust.

Membrain's Content Hub makes your sales content part of the foundation of your sales process, rather than a group of disconnected files that live in a folder somewhere.

Here’s what you get with the
Content Hub module


Everything you need in one central location

Access all of your internal and external sales resources (white papers, case studies, training videos, etc.) in one central location. Use relevant content to drive your team’s workflow forward every step of the way.

Sales training at your team’s fingertips

How you sell matters and your salespeople need the right skills to be competitive. Sending salespeople to training is not enough. Unless embedded into daily workflows, training is quickly forgotten.

Inside of Membrain, your sales training will be reinforced and new skills will become second nature over time. And you can track which content is engaged with, and which is the most helpful.


The right content, at the right time

Getting the right content into the hands of your best prospects at the right time on their decision-making journey is critical for sales success.

Oftentimes, the documents aren’t readily available, or salespeople store and share outdated documents—no need to search for that perfect piece of content again. 

Track user engagement

The Content Hub is designed to track user engagement so you can easily see which content is shared, who uses it most effectively, and which pieces have the greatest impact on your sales results.


Communicate your message effectively

Brand coherence and consistent positioning are imperative for effective sales enablement. A centralized hub for all your sales and training content ensures that everyone is working from the same sales information, and therefore communicating in a similar way - keeping your messaging on point.

This is the Content Hub
One central hub
Reinforce training
Content in context
Speak with one voice
Track engagement

All your sales content in one place

Content Hub stores all of your content in a central place. It ensures that your sales team has the collateral (white papers, case studies, demo videos, and more) exactly when they should be sharing it in the sales process.

All training content at your fingertips

Content Hub stores internal resources (training videos, templates, pre-approved proposals, and more) to reinforce sales training initiatives to help your team get better at what they do.

Instant access to the content you need

Once you add your content, you choose exactly when to make it available based on stakeholder roles, sales process stage, industry, competition, or anything vital to your sales strategy. Membrain then offers intelligent recommendations based on machine learning using all these factors, and more so you can share your content when it makes a difference.

Speak with one voice

A central place for all your sales collateral and training content makes it easier to ensure that everyone communicates similarly, ensuring your brand coherence and positioning messaging stays on point. The Content Hub is where marketing and sales meet to use what is working and update what needs to be improved.

Track engagement to know what’s working

Membrain is designed to track user engagement with the content you use, so you can see what content is shared and when; who uses each piece of content most effectively, and what content has the greatest impact on your sales numbers. The content that is proven to be most helpful and effective will be recommended more.

Why add this module?

This module supports your “way of selling” by offering intelligent recommendations built directly into your team’s workflows, so they have the exact content they need when they need it. 

How it works

The Content Hub is a cloud-based information hub that works seamlessly within the Membrain CRM. You can save all of your internal and external sales resources (white papers, case studies, training videos, etc.) in one central location. Ensure that your sales team has access to both internal training materials and prospect-facing collateral right at their fingertips.