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See the bigger picture with sales revenue imports

Update on April 29, 2021

Membrains "Products" functionality offers an in-depth look at sales revenue - allowing you to track and forecast fixed and recurring revenues, as well as analyze the success of the product categories you offer to your customers.

Our newest improvement in this area is the ability to import additional sales and revenue data from outside Membrain, right into Products, making it possible to view this data alongside your current Sales Revenue Reporting and Analysis views.

A growing number of Membrain customers are using these new import capabilities to solve operational reporting problems and get the full picture of revenue income across the whole organization.

Below are some common scenarios and a suggested solution. Read on to see if you recognize yourself or a challenge you are facing today, and let's brainstorm together to find a solution that works for your unique scenario! 


Scenario 1: You use Membrain mostly for larger complex sales, and have no real insights into the many smaller transactions that, in reality, make up a large part of your business' revenue.

transparent-idea-icon-seo-icon-lightbulb-icon-5da1bd4d12a1d0.3939065915708808450763Keep it simple and run a manual import monthly to bring sales revenue data into a separate sales project for each customer. Track what your smaller customers are buying in Product categories, and include this data alongside the larger sales you already visualize in Membrains Product Analysis and Reporting views. Note - these sales projects require no action from the sales team. 

Scenario 2: Your ERP/Financial system keeps track of Customer Contracts with a fulfillment aspect, which is not easily accessible by Key Account Managers.   

transparent-idea-icon-seo-icon-lightbulb-icon-5da1bd4d12a1d0.3939065915708808450763More and more financial systems can now connect to Google Drive and Microsoft OneDrive, which opens up the possibilities of using Membrains Automated Import capabilities to bring this data easily into Membrain. Once in Membrain, this data can be analyzed further on an individual account level using Membrains Account Growth Module. Learn more about the benefits of using Product Revenue Reporting in Account Growth Plans 

Scenario 3:  You've been recording all Sales through Membrain using traditional workflows and are concerned a switch to using Products could result in the loss of comparable historical reporting. 

transparent-idea-icon-seo-icon-lightbulb-icon-5da1bd4d12a1d0.3939065915708808450763The ability to export traditional sales and product data from Membrain (Sales Project Values and product dropdown lists) and import this data back into Membrain as Products takes away any concerns for reporting continuation. In fact, it offers a brand new way to view your data, with new insights that are not possible with the traditional setups.


Let us help you get started!

We understand there's some planning required to make the move to using Membrains Product capabilities, but we're here to help and put a plan in place for your unique scenario.  And we truly believe that it will open up a whole new world of insights into your overall Sales Revenues.

Reach out today to and let's brainstorm together on how we can find a solution that works for you!


NEW- Tasks + Notes as Steps in Membrain Processes!

Update on April 14, 2021

Previously, we exclusively supported “Activities” such as “Appointments,” “Calls” and “Emails” in our processes. We are excited to finally include “Notes” and “Tasks.”

As a sales leader it’s important to be able to easily capture information at key steps in the process using all all Membrain’s activity capabilities (activity types, custom fields, etc). Now we can do exactly that- for example, you might want to track “Notes” created in the process and connect them to activity goals. This is a great way to increase Activities towards goals when you can track directly from the step in the Process. 

Some of the benefits of using “Notes” from a step in the process include: 

  • The option to set the note as a specific activity type such as “First Appointment” or another custom activity type
  • Connect to existing notes
  • The option to add content to the note

Screen Shot 2021-04-11 at 3.19.50 PM

When it comes to the Sales Process, another key thing for Sales Leaders is the ability to create “Tasks” within this Process to keep things actionable. Now we have added “Tasks”  and focused Task- specific capabilities to contribute toward that momentum. 

Some of the benefits of using Tasks from a step in the process include: 

  • The option to set a Task as a specific Activity type beyond a Call or Email
  • Set as “Important or not”
  • The option to assign a role
  • Options for reminders and deadlines
  • Ability to connect to an existing task and add content 

Screen Shot 2021-04-11 at 3.20.40 PM

Get started today!
These are just some of the benefits to using Tasks and Notes as part of your Processes.  We would love to hear more about how you are using Tasks and Notes in your Processes. Otheriwse, if you need assistance getting started drop us a note, we are happy to help! 


Connect everything easily with OneDrive and Google Drive Integrations

Update on March 23, 2021

We're excited to announce two new integrations for Membrain - helping you increase productivity across your organization.  Microsoft OneDrive and Google Drive.

It's safe to say that data is the backbone for informed decision-making. So when we share data between Membrain and other critical business applications, it introduces a whole new level of insights not just to your sales team, but right across your entire organization.  

So what can I do with these integrations?
There are lots of ways to use these powerful new integrations to streamline workflows, increase collaboration across teams and save time. They can be used to easily bring external data into Membrain and share it with your sales team. Or the opposite! Take Sales related Membrain data and make it accessible from other areas of your business. 


Scenario 1 - Send data from OneDrive/Google Drive to Membrain
with pre-setup Automatic Imports

GoogleDriveLogo OneDriveLogo          Membrain_Logo_Without_Text


In a nutshell, Automatic Imports take data from a Google Sheet or OneDrive Document  and bring it in to Membrain automatically. Through a one-time setup, Membrain performs regular data imports, updating key information right into your sales processes, giving your sales team the additional information they need to make improved business decisions.

💡 Share Marketing insights
Periodically export your customer's behavioral data from your Marketing app and automatically import it into Membrain with ease. Just what your sales team need to help them grow and expand key accounts.

💡 Connect ERP/Financial info
Pull out specific data from your ERP or financial system (for example weekly transactional sales) and import it regularly into Membrain to view alongside other Sales Project or Account Growth Project information. Create powerful Dashboards and analyze your total revenue in a whole new light.


 Scenario 2 - Send data from Membrain to OneDrive/GoogleDrive
with customizable Automatic Reports 

Membrain_Logo_Without_Text          OneDriveLogo GoogleDriveLogo

Automated Reports allow you to export data automatically and on a schedule from Membrain and populate new or existing Google Drive or OneDrive documents.  These reports can be used "as is" or - if your other apps allow it - imported into other systems for additional analysis. 

💡 Include Membrain data in your Operations reports
Generate Monthly sales and revenue reports automatically each month for inclusion in your Operations reports.

💡 Send real-time info to your BI Tool
Run reports on key metrics automatically from Membrain for further analysis within your BI reporting tools.


Get started today!
These are just a few ideas on how you can leverage these integrations, but we're sure there are lots more ways to benefit from them. Let us know what ideas you have, or reach out and we'll help you get started!

More power to the Marketing team 💪

Update on February 24, 2021

Membrain is proud to integrate with industry-leading Marketing Platforms - bringing teams together and aligning sales and marketing efforts.  

With this latest update, it's now possible to share a broader set of information from Membrain with your marketing team, giving them the power they need to reach a more targeted audience. 

As you would expect, Membrains integrations to Mailchimp, Constant Contact, Hubspot and Active Campaign can sync contact-specific information to and from Membrain, ensuring both CRM databases are kept up to date and streamlining marketing campaigns. 


Marketing category gif

What makes this newest update exciting is that it allows you to send Sales related information from Membrain to your marketing app, including insights about the Prospects, Sales Projects or Account Growth Projects these contacts are part of. This in turn opens up a world of knowledge and insights to your marketing team, allowing them to make more informed decisions when determining who they should be reaching out to.  

So now - your Marketing team can do powerful things with this data, like target contacts based on what stage of a Sales Project they are in, or what Prospecting Campaign they are part of.  

But don't stop there, just think of all the sales-specific insights the Sales Team adds to Membrain on a daily basis - like Competitor information, Relationship scores, Products or Services they are interested in, etc. Pretty much any detail you capture in Membrain can be used by the Marketing team, helping them easily drill down and find their perfect target audience.

Let's get you started!

We're excited to bring this update to you, and hope you're excited too! Reach out to us today and we'll help you get set up to give this superpower to your Marketing team.  

Let Membrain show you your accounts' potential

Update on February 15, 2021

Ever wonder what your Strategic Accounts potential revenue is? And I'm not talking subjectively, I mean really?

Understanding your customers potential is key to growing your existing Accounts, so using "best guesses" here won't cut it. Read on to learn how Membrains Account Growth module shows you where this potential is, and the path to take to realise it.

Account Planning is all about identifying where the opportunities for growth are, and focusing your activities and efforts there. 

With this latest update, Membrain's Account Growth Module now allows you to take the value of all open opportunities on an account and use that amount as the overall account potential, giving you an objective calculation of what the real potential of this account actually is.


Value & Potential


And to ensure you're adding new opportunities as they develop on an Account, we've made it even easier to create new Sales Projects from right within an Account Growth Project. So no more guesstimates, no more ball park figures. Just data driven numbers to help you segment your Accounts in a structured way.

And why not do the same with current value? The value of all won opportunities can be used to give you the running value of an account. Making it easy to easily see the current its value, along side overall potential.

Adding open opportunities to your Account Projects to gives you lots of additional tools for analysis, allowing you to:

  • Use the Growth Grid to see the Untapped Potential (Potential - Value) of all your accounts, segmented into quadrants.  
  • Create Rules or Playbooks for how you want to handle an account, based on which quadrant they are in. 
  • Add a Timeline to your Account Projects and get a visual overview of all historic, current, and upcoming prospects and sales projects
  • Plus lots more!

We hope you are excited to try out this new setting and see the benefits for yourself.

Reach out to if you have any questions, or would like to schedule a walk through or best practice session.

Introducing Timelines on your Accounts!

Update on January 29, 2021

It has never been easier to stay up to date with the relevant projects on your account. Not only is it easy, but the timeline visuals are second to none. Timeline is a great way to view an overall summary of the historical, current and future projects on your account.

Screen Shot 2021-01-28 at 7.24.40 AM


There are several benefits when using the Timelines component of Account Growth including:Screen Shot 2021-01-28 at 7.24.40 AM

  • Visuals-Get access to excellent visuals on all of your projects connected to your Accounts .


  • Historical Snapshots- Stay on top of where you have been and where you are going with your accounts. The Timeline gives you fresh overview of current, up and coming and historical projects on the account.


  • Flexibility- Decide whether you would like to see Prospects, Sales Projects and other Account Growth Projects or a combination of all three on a particular account. You can also include open, closed and archived projects on the account- it’s up to you.


To get started setting up Account Growth Timelines please head over to our help center here.

New- Product Revenue Graphs From An Account Perspective!

Update on January 20, 2021

Product Revenue Graphs are the latest edition to our new Account Growth Module. You can now add this as a component under Graphs.

This specific type of graph allows you to drill down into specific revenue information connected to projects on the account. It allows you to gain insights and plan for the year ahead on an account level.

Screen Shot 2021-01-19 at 2.13.33 PM

What are some examples of this?

Performance- You might want to create graphs to include information about products that are generating the most revenue per quarter.

Tracking milestones- You can track milestones and recurring payments so that can help you accurately forecast expected revenue. 

Flexibility- Product Revenue Graphs allow you the flexibility to view information on all the projects you are working on within an account and enable you to visualize the progress. 

New Opportunities - Identify white space where you have additional opportunities to position new products or services.



More options for revenue tracking & forecasting

Update on January 5, 2021

Here at Membrain, we are passionate about giving our customers the insights needed to forecast and plan for the year ahead. This latest update gives you even more flexibility to do just that.

Membrains Products feature allows you to track not just the products you sell as a business - but also milestone and recurring payments - giving you in-depth analysis and the ability to accurately forecast on expected revenue.

So whats new? Now with additional options and improved usability, it's possible to add more complex revenue payments and expected incomes from Sales Projects in a more flexible way that suits your unique business model.

  • Track recurring payments with 5 or 7 daily frequencies - allowing for weekday or full-week projects
  • Stay flexible on ad-hoc projects and set the revenue to span over a set number of days
  • Get specific and use the end date of a project to calculate the expected revenue

Visualize Progress

And once you're up and running, Membrain's Dashboard will give you all the insights you need to analyse and understand where your revenue is coming from.

Revenue graph-1


If you're interested in finding new ways to forecast on expected revenue, then reach out to our Customer Success team today! We'll be happy to walk you through the options available and find the best solution for your business.


✨ New analytical views for 2021 - available now

Update on December 31, 2021

It's the start of a new year, and as we all look forward to fresh beginnings and brighter days ahead, we've added some brand new analytical views for everyone to enjoy.

We've taken some of the most popular, key graphs from Membrain's Dashboard and popped them out into 3 separate analytical views, giving you pre-built, colorful graphs for Prospecting, Active Pipeline and Account Growth workflows.

For each workflow you have access to, you can find these views pre-loaded and packed with insights about your Prospecting, Sales efforts and Growth plans, ready for you to dig into. 

Active Pipeline Analytical view2-1


These views offer some options to allow you to dig deeper into your data, such as:

  • Select one or multiple sales people and track their performance - great for one-on-one review meetings.
  • Choose one or more processes to get a better understanding of how different areas of the business are performing
  • Click-through on a graph to go straight to the heart of your data, helping you analyse trends to improve both forecast accuracy and win-rates.

Want to see more insights?

These graphs are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Membrains Analytical offerings. If you enjoy these views and would like to be able to dig deeper into every aspect of your your data, then check out our Sales Analytics+ add-on module, which offers a full version of the Dashboard as well as Win/Loss Analytical views. 

Or reach out to your Membrain contact today for a personalized walk-through of the Sales Analytics+ and we'll be happy to show you around.


Let’s get organized with Sections this Holiday Season!

Update on December 23, 2020

Membrain has recently launched “Sections” as a component of Account Growth Projects - allowing you to organize them to your hearts content.     

We all do better when we're structured and organized, and the same goes for how you work with Accounts in Membrain. This latest feature allows you to group areas of Account Growth Projects together, and decide where and when they are displayed, for an even more customized experience.

Screen Shot 2020-12-22 at 2.50.16 PM

Some benefits of sections include: 

  • Enhanced control over the structural layout - admins can organize data components into sections and group related information together for a smoother experience. Whats more, simply drag and drop the sections into the area you would like in the Growth Account Project page layout. 
  • Dynamic visualization of Sections based on conditions you specify. For example - smaller Accounts don't need to show extended Stakeholder information, whereas for larger Accounts this information can be critical.
  • Increased flexibility to your workflow for Sales People - collapse and expand Sections while working with an Account Growth Project. This improves your view as you work so you can stay focused on the important areas on the Account.
We hope you're excited about trying out this new feature! For more information please visit our help center and read the article Sections in Account Growth 

Try it out today, and if you'd like some advice or help, just give us a call on Europe +46 8446 888 82 or US + 646 741 2797 and we'll be happy to assist.