The Sales Enablement Era

Sales has changed. Have you?

HOW you sell matters

Many offerings look similar to buyers online. The way you engage with buyers is what differentiates you today. Hence, sales teams need to elevate their game and leaders need to enable them. We've entered the sales enablement era.

While the sales industry pours billions of dollars into sales training, seminars and software packages that make little to no difference in outcomes*, a small minority of sales teams continue to quietly improve year over year, steadily pulling ahead of the competition.

They've moved beyond assumptions, point solutions, and flavor-of-the-month sales methods by enabling their teams with a structured way of selling, training, tools, coaching, and continuous improvements.

Wouldn't you like to be among them?

47% miss quota*

Challenges in complex sales:


* Source: CSO Insights
(47% of salespeople fail to reach their quota.)

CRM is not the answer

Many organizations implement CRM systems thinking it will improve their sales effectiveness. Unfortunately, they’re almost always wrong.

CRMs were not designed to help salespeople become better salespeople. They were developed based on the assumption that salespeople should "know what to do and log what they've done."

By having a central database, managers hoped to get a feeling of control and leadership by accessing information and reports.

Salespeople are not stupid. They know this doesn’t help them. Managers realize that forecasts based on gut feel will not be accurate and leaders are frustrated that sales productivity is falling.

The Hydra

Despite this, leadership keeps throwing good money after bad on expensive customizations and plug-ins on their quest for "one system to rule them all," without realizing that they are really fighting a Hydra.

Close the technology gap

Membrain is the world's first Sales Enablement CRM for teams involved in complex B2B sales.

Apart from providing a central repository of customer information, it sits at the center of the salesperson’s daily workflows, identifying and guiding winning behaviors, providing sales-enabling content, encouraging coaching, and delivers reliable forecasts based on milestone progressions instead of gut feelings.

In addition, it provides win/loss and performance analytics that enables sales leaders to coach more effectively and continuously improve strategy and process.


How it works

Membrain is a complete Sales Enablement CRM that can replace, or complement, your existing CRM and makes it easy to execute on your sales strategy, and enable salespeople to grow with each deal. Membrain equips managers to coach to higher performance and optimize your sales strategy to gain competitive advantage.

It does all of these things by providing the tools to:

  • Identify and guide winning behaviors
  • Reinforce training and best practices
  • Improve sales forecasting
  • Automatically track goals and progress
  • Optimize based on robust win/loss analytics

Beyond technology

To maximize sales effectiveness, you need more than technology.

You need a solid sales strategy, an execution framework, and resources to develop the skills of your sales teams. 

This is why we partner with the world's leading sales experts, some of which have integrated their frameworks and enablement content in pre-configured Membrain Editions.



Results seen by our clients

2 X
Nate Lelle
Executive VP at Meyer-Najem Construction
Using Membrain’s Playbook capabilities has kept not only my team but me, consistently moving prospects through the sales process to a more predictable outcome. Our win rates have doubled with the help of Membrain.
104 %
Roberto Scott
Sales Director at Analitek
Membrain was a game-changer. It helped us to the next stage of our growth journey, and scale with a standard process in place. We increased quota attainment from ~50% before Membrain to 104%. It’s very intuitive and easy to teach. It just works.
25 %
Sven-Erik headshot
Sven-Erik Gustafsson
Sales Director at Scania Mining
We looked at CRM tools, but none really worked with the sales process we had developed. We needed more. We have long sales cycles, with different types of key performance indicators, and many personalities involved in a complex sale.
Membrain makes it easy to successfully execute your sales process and build a platform for predictable and sustainable growth
Bob Apollo, CEO of Inflexion Point

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