Make your prospecting truly predictable

Predictable Prospecting Powered by Membrain®

Process & Technology in Perfect Harmony

Membrain & Predictable Prospecting have joined forces to create a field-tested, data-driven, and scientifically proven framework to boost the front-end of your sales pipeline.

Enable your business development, sales, and account management teams to prospect and build relationships consistently and clearly, and set themselves apart from a world of machine-led sales.

Training, Processes, and Templates embedded in Membrain's software-as-a-service platform*

*Salesforce plugin available

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Membrain Partnership Exclusive

For new Membrain clients only, Predictable Prospecting and Membrain have joined forces on an implementation and services package. 

Normally over $45,000 in value in products and services, our unique relationship allows us to bring it to you as a highly reduced fee.

  • Predictable Prospecting - Online analysis and set-up session with Marylou
  • 10 Copies of the Predictable Prospecting book
  • Access to all of Marylou’s updated training material (inside of Membrain’s Content Hub)
  • Implementation of Membrain via the ClearPath promise for up to 10 users of the system
  • Predictable Prospecting workflows implemented directly into your Membrain CRM
  • 2x two-hour workshops with Marylou to ensure your prospecting processes are customized for your team
  • 4 months of use of Membrain and access to customer service, training, and onboarding teams.

For this 4-month onboarding program for up to 10-users, the price is $9,998.

After the first four months, the price for Membrain will be $159 monthly per user (yearly contract), plus $9.98 per user for the Predictable Prospecting module.

Let's Talk!

Please pick a time below and let us show you how Membrain, with the Predictable Prospecting process and methodology embedded, will help you boost your pipeline. 

rain-group-logoAbout Predictable Prospecting

The Predictable Prospecting methodology was created by Strategic Pipeline, Inc. and is focused on helping companies deploy a consistent and reliable Sales Opportunity Creation system that will increase new sales contacts, compel them to consider your offer and convert them into qualified sales opportunities.

Marylou Tyler, creator of Predictable Prospecting & CEO of Strategic Pipeline says:

We understand where you are because we have lived it ourselves. Running several companies, writing books, and working in the field for many years – we’ve built an innovative sales opportunity creation system that solves all three problem areas in sales opportunity creation:

  • Contact
    Target prospects with high revenue potential and a high likelihood of closing.
  • Compel
    Engage the right prospect at the right time using a variety of methods in a cadence that best fits your intended target.
  • Convert
    Build a repeatable system that consistently generates opportunities with a high likelihood of closing. 



Our client roster includes prestigious companies - Apple, Bose, AMA, Talend, CIBC, Gartner, Prudential, UPS, Logitech, Orkin, AAA and Mastercard.

Get The Book

Marylou Tyler, CEO of Strategic Pipeline, is the author of Predictable Prospecting, published by McGraw-Hill and enthusiastically endorsed by none other than Professor Neil Rackham of the famed SPIN Selling:


"Most of what has been written for salespeople about prospecting and pipeline management does nothing to improve their sales results. Either it’s too theoretical, which makes it complex and impractical or, even worse, it’s too simple to help in the real world.

This is the Goldilocks of prospecting books. It walks a just-right balance, with useful cases and examples."

— Neil Rackham, Best-selling Author - SPIN Selling

Common Questions

Will you help me get started?

YES. After you sign up, our customer success team will reach out to schedule a meeting with you and Marylou Tyler. In this meeting, we will determine exactly what level of services you need, or if you can get started directly on your own.

Any hidden license fees?

NO. The price $98 per user per month, with a minimum of 10 users. No traffic charges, storage fees or expensive 3rd party technical consultants needed. This includes the Membrain platform and a pre-configured Predictable Prospecting process, including email templates, voice scripts, and e-learning videos. If you choose to buy additional services, they will be charged separately.

Does Membrain replace our CRM?

EITHER OR. This depends on the needs of your organization. You can use Membrain as a complete standalone CRM and sales enablement solution, or as a complement to your existing CRM.

Can I cancel my subscription?

YES. You will be signing a license agreement but can step off within three months if you are not happy.

Can we synchronize calendars and email?

YES. There is a full two-way sync with both Google and Office 365 Calendars and server-side email integration with any email platform.

Is there a free trial?

NO. While many other software companies provide self-service trials of their software (and often self-service support as well), we don't believe it to be the most efficient way for you to reach your outcome. We'll guide and assist you to successful usage and adoption.