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Engage Prospects in a More Human Way by Providing Your Sales Teams With Structure and Guidance.

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Stop Killing Leads With Automation

Membrain's Prospect Engagement Playbooks provide the guidance and tools needed to efficiently engage your future customers in a more human way while keeping your sales teams disciplined and structured.

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Ensures proper qualification by clarifying your ideal customer fit.
Prospect Qualification
Serves up the right learning content and sales collateral to use.
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Provides the discipline to follow up professionally and prevent prospects from falling through the cracks.
Highlights the best actions to take at each step of your prospecting effort.
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Spend Time On Your Ideal Prospects

Quickly eliminate ‘time wasters’ to increase pipeline momentum by quickly identifying non-buyers and focus only on high-value prospects.
Membrain lets you ensure prospect fit with easy-to-understand criteria that align with your organization’s ideal customer.


Qualify Your Prospects

Formalize your qualification process by identifying and “scoring” prospects on a scale from ‘good fit’ to ‘poor fit’. This replaces emotion with evidence and gives your team a shared definition of when to add opportunities to your pipeline to be forecasted.

Keep Your Best Content In Focus

Make sure that your salespeople always have access to the right information at the right time - both educational as well as customer-facing resources, such as videos, white papers, and case studies. This prevents the age-old problem of spending too much time searching for resources in different file folders. And encourages on-the-fly learning. 


Manage Multiple Prospecting Campaigns

Quickly identify the best actions to take for prospects by choosing from a list of prospecting campaigns designed for specific scenarios. Work with campaigns created for inbound leads, outbound efforts, existing customers, geographical territories, and more.

Create Actionable Milestones

Support your sales representatives by adding key events and mapping forward movement. Whether it’s booking an exploration meeting or confirming that a prospect is willing to move forward, these clearly defined objectives will act as signposts on your prospecting journey and will keep your team on track.


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Add Custom Nurture Processes

A winning process is the heartbeat of good prospect engagement. Build and nurture the relationship between you and your contacts with our guided, human-driven processes. Add them to your playbook to create a powerful formula that wins time after time.

Sales Enablement At Your Fingertips

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Prospecting Features

Customizable Prospecting Campaigns

Visual Customizable Qualifiers

Execute Consistently With a Guiding Process

Robust Automated Goal Tracking With Easy Setup

Easily Customizable Rules to Ensure Consistent Touches

Email Templates and Snippets for Consistent Messaging

Comprehensive Mobile App

Integrated Sales Inbox and Email Composer

Integrated Sales Calendar

Custom Fields

Customizable Views and Filters

Automated Data Imports and Exports

Website Integration Using Membrain Beacon

Built in Collaboration Tools

Visual Win/Loss Analysis

Membrain Is CRM and Sales Enablement Combined. When HOW You Sell Matters!

A three-time Top Sales CRM winner, a Top Sales Tool for five years straight and named the Top Sales Enablement Technology three years in a row. Membrain is the only software named as a G2 Crowd High Performer in each of the CRM, Sales Performance Management, Sales Coaching and Sales Enablement categories.