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More Process, More Impact

Without a standard process it’s impossible to streamline and it's not just for the cool kids. In fact, we can prove that a standardized process powered by Membrain helps take performance from average to outstanding.

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Ensures proper qualification by clarifying your ideal customer fit.
Serves up the right learning content and sales collateral to use.
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Provides the discipline to follow up professionally and prevent prospects from falling through the cracks.
Highlights the best actions to take at each step of your prospecting effort.

Focus on the Right Prospects

Make it easy to prioritize the right prospects by making your process repeatable and measurable.

Your team will be able to follow your process in their sleep and managers can leave the discipline up to the technology.


Customizable Steps & Stages

Customize your own steps and stages in order to help reinforce the right behaviors and eliminate bad practices.

Multiple Processes

The flexibility to have completely different approaches for different industries or product lines.

Dynamic Processes

Gives you the power to control and dynamically change your sales processes based on conditions you specify.


Support your sales representative with clear visibility to the objectives you set in a process.


Guides salespeople to get the timing right by adding a delay between steps. Now they know when to hold off or move forward with a prospect reducing inactive time.

Automated Events

Automatic triggers that replace the manual work salespeople hate gives the freedom to focus on doing more things that create value.


Prevent Prospects From Falling Through The Cracks

Reducing the human error in prospecting starts with building in safeguards against our innate human tendencies to miss things.

With timely reminders there's no need to hold it all in your head anymore.


Avoid unhealthy opportunities that suck time, money and resources by ensuring proper qualification fit when they are in the prospecting stage.

Advanced Rules System

Provide clear guidance to your team at every turn with helpful and actionable alerts on every prospect in your pipeline.

Content in Context

Help ensure continued customer alignment with the ability to capture knowledge and push it to your team at the right time in their sales process.

Improve Performance with the Right Insight

Get the performance insight needed to improve with real time analytics.

Showcasing the critical data needed to stay on top of things with visually quick to access and understand reports.  Read More »




Create and tailor advanced dashboards, quickly visualizing deep insights for management, operations, the sales team or anybody who would benefit.

Disqualifying Reasons

Adds context to the data helping leadership make smarter decisions. Gets even beefier when used with Automated Events.

Goal Tracking

Allows managers to more easily hold their salespeople accountable while also driving motivation.

The Content Hub - Better Than a Filing System

The Content Hub stores, organizes and smartly recommends helpful content when and where you need it.

The sales content problem, solved.

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And More!

Import Prospects

Easily bring in your prospects from other tools. Can also use it for events you organize or webinars and more!

Internal Stakeholders

Easily collaborate with key internal resources when prospecting, enabling secure handovers.

Relationship Fields

Create intelligent connections between fields, making account and opportunity management even more insightful.


Scorecards give you a simple, visual way to quickly identify the strength of an opportunity.

Decision Team Map

Help your team engage customers and stakeholders in a meaningful way with insight into their attitude and level of influence on a buying decision.

Organizational Charts

Stay on top of things with a visual overview of organization staffing structures as well as between affiliated companies in a larger group.

Engagement Matrix

Finally understand how the behaviors and interactions between you, your team, and your customers affect the outcome.

Company Hierarchy

Get a clear picture of where a company fits in its organizational structure by utilizing the powerful feature of Company Hierarchy.

Prospecting Features

Customizable Prospecting Processes

Visual Customizable Qualifiers

Guiding Process for Consistent Execution

Robust Automated Goal Tracking With Easy Setup

Easily Customizable Rules to Ensure Consistent Touches

Visual Win/Loss Analysis

Influence & Attitude maps

Integrated Sales Inbox and Email Composer

Email Templates and Snippets for Consistent Messaging

Integrated Sales Calendar

Comprehensive Mobile App

Customizable Views and Filters

Custom Fields

Automated Data Imports and Exports

Website Integration Using Membrain Beacon

Membrain Forms

Built in Collaboration Tools

Assigned Steps

The Content Hub

Sales Enablement At Your Fingertips

Take Membrain with you anywhere, with Membrain GO. Always included.

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Membrain Is CRM and Sales Enablement Combined. When HOW You Sell Matters!

A three-time Top Sales CRM winner, a Top Sales Tool for five years straight and named the Top Sales Enablement Technology three years in a row. Membrain is the only software named as a G2 Crowd High Performer in each of the CRM, Sales Performance Management, Sales Coaching and Sales Enablement categories.