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From Theory to Practice - Sales Methodology & Technology in Perfect Harmony

Enablement Customized for Complex B2B Sales

A sales strategy and methodology is useless in a binder on the shelf. You need to make it easy to learn and execute by orchestrating sales enablement. Membrain has worked with the world’s leading sales development experts to bring their work and best practices to life in Membrain. These pre-configured systems can be customized to exactly fit your reality (without heavy lifting from IT consultants).

Our Editions include:

This combined process and methodology re-emphasizes the fundamentals of selling.
Baseline Selling introduces shared language, best-practices and content to help your team touch all the bases from first base to home plate to win more.
With Silicon Valley roots, WBD is customized for high-growth SAAS companies.
From first conversation to trade and commit, Membrain supports the WBD methodology to reinforce the behaviors that help your team sell more than ever before.
Combined with deep e-learning, SalesStar provides a guiding framework from start to finish.
Those who use STAR Consultative Selling to prospect, build rapport, handle objections and close more effectively will love this Membrain Edition built to support this methodology.
Tailored for the complex B2B sale in a high-tech sales environment.
Inflexion Point’s Outcome-Centric Selling helps your sales team to plan and prioritise their time and provides them with simple yet effective tools and best practices that support winning habits.
When you need to boost the front-end of your sales pipeline.
This customization follows Predictable Prospecting’s Pipeline Table of Elements—everything is built into Membrain to ensure your team’s effectiveness.
More Editions are coming!

Without the right technology, your sales enablement efforts will fail.

Executing your organization’s sales strategy, requires training, coaching and support. But if your CRM is just a digital Rolodex, it will not match your process, or reinforce your training and best-practices, and your sales team will fall back on work-arounds and simply wing it—resulting in lost sales. And all the training and support you provide? If you don’t have technology built specifically to support it, it’s a waste of time and money because the learning won’t stick.


pre-configured enablement editions help you orchestrate success.

Membrain is a customizable Sales Enablement CRM. It combines your sales processes and methodologies with modifiable technology to drive real change. The result? Fewer lost prospects, a quicker ramp-up of new hires, higher win rates, and larger deal sizes. How? Through better qualification, visual workflow guidance, analytics, and coaching that changes behavior.

Process + Methodology +  Technology = Growth!




A pre-configured system, including playbooks, how-to's, and analytics to guide your sales teams
Easily add to or adjust Membrain to support your processes
Reinforce your sales training inside of the daily workflows
Get analytical insights and tools to make coaching more effective

Membrain’s enablement editions include everything your team needs to succeed.

We work with sales experts to create pre-configured versions of Membrain that embed their best-practices and enablement content. This allows you to start quickly and provide your team with best practice sales workflow guidance, without having to squeeze a round peg into a squared hole. When you implement a Membrain Edition, you get unprecedented visibility into your sales processes and your sales team gets the tools they need to follow your process, learn the methodology, and access the right content. What’s more, you can easily make tweaks and customizations to match your organization’s changing needs, without the need for technical consultants. You get:

  • The Membrain platform to complement or replace your traditional CRM
  • Pre-configured sales methodology from the world’s leading sales experts
  • Sales enablement content like training videos & best-practice templates
  • Customizable tools and processes
  • Training reinforcement and coaching insights
  • A central repository for enablement content and sales collateral
  • Preconfigured sales analytics and reports
  • Auto-populated win-loss report 
  • Sales performance tracking and guidance
  • Expert support, advice, and training
Membrain is unlike any CRM or sales tool.
It’s a one-of-a-kind system that truly enables big sales increases.
Membrain provides hundreds of sales teams the technology, insights, and support they need to reach and exceed their sales goals. Here’s what some of them are saying about this tool…
Brett Opie
VP Sales, Skender Constructions
We needed something better than a glorified Rolodex. Membrain helps us better manage our sales process and get everyone on board.
Brian Kavicky
Brian Kavicky
Lushin, Inc.
Membrain, out of the box, is the most complete sales effectiveness platform on the market. It has all of the right dashboards, analysis, behavior tracking, and process integration. And salespeople actually live in Membrain.
Bob Apollo
CEO of Inflexion Point
Membrain makes it easy to successfully execute your sales process and build a platform for predictable and sustainable growth.

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