Stop selling generic 'solutions' and start delivering customer-specific outcomes

Combine Skills and Tech to Drive Winning Behaviours

Inflexion-Point is putting CRM at the heart of their Outcome-Centric approach to complex B2B sales - powered by Membrain, the world's first Sales Enablement CRM designed to satisfy the unique needs of teams involved in complex B2B sales.

Inflexion-Point's Outcome-Centric Selling® Edition abandons outmoded sales process thinking and builds on Membrain's rich core functionality to enable B2B salespeople to facilitate their customer's often complex decision-making processes.

This intentionally flexible framework equips salespeople to effectively answer their customer's three critical questions: Why Change, Why You, and Why Now?

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Also Accessible to Salesforce.com Users

Although there is no doubt that the combination of Outcome-Centric Selling® and the full capabilities of the Membrain Sales Enablement CRM drives the best possible results in complex B2B sales environments, we recognise that some potential users may be constrained by their current investments in salesforce.com.

That's why we have made the core elements of Outcome-Centric Selling® Opportunity Management available as a plug-in module for existing salesforce.com instances. The plug-in puts the core of Membrain’s functionality directly into the hands of Salesforce users, without them having to leave their CRM.

By integrating the power of Membrain and Outcome-Centric Selling® into your Salesforce instance, you can add, change or remove steps to your sales process in minutes, serve up sales training materials, and access powerful win/loss analytics.

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To find out more about how Outcome-Centric Selling® powered by Membrain could power your organisation's CRM to new heights, book a demo by using the form at the top of this page.

Whether you're looking to replace a traditional existing CRM or get significantly more from your current salesforce.com instance, we're confident we can help you significantly raise the level of CRM effectiveness in your organisation - and create an environment where your salespeople see the system as a helpful guide to their future success, rather than a frustrating auditor of their past activity.

We look forward to finding out more about what you are hoping to accomplish and to show you how we can help. And if you haven't already done so, please also take a moment to download our latest introduction to Outcome-Centric Selling®