Membrain Analytics

Technology that lets you see the full picture so you can plan accordingly.

Plan Ahead Like Never Before

Get the critical information needed to forecast farther into the future.

Now you are operating with the power of choice.




Create and tailor advanced dashboards, quickly visualizing deep insights for management, operations, the sales team or anybody who would benefit.

Live Dashboards

Your data magically translated into beautiful, meaningful snapshot visuals that speed up decision making.

Graph Builder

Get some game-changing customization with the ability to configure and interactively create and modify graphs at any time.

Graph Library

Effortlessly build powerful dashboards with a selection of pre-built graphs that turn your data into real-time analytics that drive progress.


Increase sales effectiveness by drilling down even further within graphs by searching for specific information on an individual or component level.

Track the Actual Value of Your Customers

Break down your sales projects into bite size components that reduce the complexity and increase the accuracy.

No guessing or manipulation required.




Get deeper analysis to accurately forecast on expected revenue by tracking the components that make up the products you sell.

Recurring Revenue Tracking

Track the Recurring Revenue or milestone payments related to the products you sell.

Create Quotes

Eliminate the tedious manual work of quote creation by autofilling them with information pulled directly from a specific Sales Project.



Reduce the Manual Struggle

Our technology offers respite from the tedious manual work salespeople hate with intuitive automation capabilities.

Get more time to focus on activities that create value.

Automated Data Imports

Schedule automatic imports of data from other business-critical systems, and view, track and analyze it alongside the current sales information you track in Membrain today.

Automated Reports

Create scheduled reports that can be sent automatically out of Membrain for additional analysis in excel or for use with other business-wide reporting.

Email Subscription to Dashboards & Reports

Create visibility and clarity across the organization by sharing dashboards and reports.

Embed iFrames in Dashboards

Maintain the level of visibility to data your salespeople need by embedding a piece of content from other sources such as a Google Sheet or website and displaying it within your dashboard.