Become a Sales Superstar using Baseline Selling

All-in-one sales enablement CRM
or directly inside of Salesforce

Dramatically Improve Results From Your Sales Process

Membrain, with the Baseline Selling Sales Process incorporated, will dramatically improve your results. Replace the complexity of other processes with elegant and effective simplicity. Studies have shown that most selling processes have had little impact on most salespeople - less than 10% of all salespeople use them effectively.

Why? Because of the complexity, learning curve and difficulty in applying the concepts in these systems.

Baseline Selling Powered by Membrain

Baseline Selling re-emphasizes the fundamentals and selling in a fresh, memorable way. Modern sales professionals can relate to and utilize this immediately. 

With Membrain, salespeople can visualize and touch all the "sales bases" without over-complicating the process or become buried in useless administration. From inside of Salesforce (opportunity management plug-in), or using Membrain's standalone CRM and sales effectiveness platform.

Baseline Selling in Membrain

What Will You Achieve?

  • Excel at creating opportunities with prospects who were previously "not interested"
  • Sell at higher margins by using the "Rule of Ratios"
  • Dramatically improve your win rates with the simple "Inoffensive Close"
  • Reinforce best-practice behaviors to reach long term sales excellence
  • On-board new talent faster by providing them with a map to succeed
  • Learn to focus on the prospects you're most likely to win

Let's Get Acquainted!

Let's start with a call to discuss how your sales team can become superstars with the Baseline Selling process and methodology embedded within Membrain.