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Know your customers. Grow your customers.

Membrain will help you maximize the revenue potential of your key customers.

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Easily Prioritize Your Best Accounts

Make it easy for your team to access and harness the untapped potential hiding in your accounts.


Stop Guessing

Stop wasting hours struggling to understand who your best customers are and what they want.

Our interactive growth grid makes planning sessions a breeze with at-a-glance visualization.


Grid Quadrants

Make it easy to focus your hours with the ability to quickly see which accounts are healthy.

Customizable Potential

Capture and measure potential in the best way for your business to determine what account potential means for your team.


Visual overview of historical, current and up and coming accounts helps ensure details are not missed.

Untapped Potential

Grid Segmentation allows you to quickly spot accounts with the most potential for growth.


Get in Control

Make quicker decisions with the right structure and better insights.

A repeatable and easy-to-follow process is the smart way to improve performance.

Customizable Processes

It's quick and easy to add best practices and methodology to get everyone on the same page.

Customizable Steps & Stages

Customize your own stages and steps in order to help reinforce the right behaviors and eliminate bad practices.

Multiple Processes

The flexibility to have completely different approaches for different industries or product lines.


Automatic triggers that replace the manual work salespeople hate gives the freedom to focus on doing more things that create value.


Dynamic visualization of Sections give enhanced control over the structural layout and increase flexibility to your workflow.

Dynamic Processes

Gives you the power to control and dynamically change your sales processes based on conditions you specify.

Create More Alignment

Get everyone on the same page so you can execute the plan more effectively.



Advanced Rules System

Provide clear guidance to your team at every turn with helpful and actionable alerts on every opportunity in your pipeline.

Content in Context

Help ensure continued customer alignment with the ability to capture knowledge and push is to your team at the right time in their sales process.

Engagement Matrix

Finally understand how the behaviors and interactions between you, your team, and your customers affect the outcome.

Decision Team Map

Help your team engage customers and stakeholders in a meaningful way with insight into their attitude and level of influence on a buying decision.



Understand So You Can Grow

Get such a deep level of insight into the why behind behaviors, it’s no longer a matter of figuring out HOW to change. But when to change.

Now you're operating with the power of choice.

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Account Growth Analytics

Gain whole new dimensions of insights into your customers or partners with Membrain's powerful analytics capabilities.

Customizable Engagement Matrix

Finally understand how the behaviors and interactions between you, your team, and your customers affect the outcome.

Trend Graphs

Highly customizable graphs make the most important information visual and provide the full picture so you can plan accordingly and avoid not-so-fun surprises.

Goal Tracking

Allows managers to more easily hold their salespeople accountable while also driving motivation.


Create and tailor advanced dashboards, quickly visualizing deep insights for management, operations, the sales team or anybody who would benefit.


Increase sales effectiveness by drilling down even further within graphs by searching for specific information on an individual or component level.

The Content Hub - Better Than a Filing System

The Content Hub stores, organizes and smartly recommends helpful content when and where you need it.

The sales content problem, solved.

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And More!

Internal Stakeholders

Easily collaborate with key internal resources when prospecting, enabling secure handovers.

Relationship Fields

Create intelligent connections between fields, making account and opportunity management even more insightful.

Performance Analytics

Hold your salespeople accountable and proactively coach them with actionable insights about their performance.

External iFrame

Need something that Membrain can't actually do? Easily bring in information from any other tool right into a Membrain.

Import Account Growth Projects

Easily bring historical data in from your ERP, Customer Success platform, your product usage data or other tools.

"Related From"

Build out your Account Growth strategy with things like parent companies, resellers, distributors, complex global accounts.

Customizable End Date

Configure the scope of the project based on your unique needs, contract term, project deadlines and more.

Organizational Charts

Stay on top of things with a visual overview of organization staffing structures as well as between affiliated companies in a larger group.

Focus on Growth
Account Page
Who's Who
The Account Grid
Growth Plans
Tracking Progress

Understand each account

Quickly and easily create your account overviews, which will help you understand each account and connect the dots to grow them.

Know who's who

Membrain's org chart and decision team map will help you identify the right people, their attitude, and their influence. Expand your network and improve your alignment.

See your best customers

There is magic in the graphical overview of your customers. Define your grid and see which customers you need to focus on.

Create a plan to grow

Knowing which clients to focus on, and understanding them closely, you can now create a structured growth plan and collaborate with your team to make progress.

See progress in beautiful dashboards

Using goal tracking and customized dashboards, you will get the perfect overview of progress made in each account, and across your entire customer base. These insights will help you improve your segmentation, planning, and execution.

Account Growth Features

Customizable Account Growth Process

Dynamic Processes

Visual Growth Grid

Account Growth Timeline

Easily Customizable Rules to Ensure Consistent Touches

Influence & Attitude Maps

Engagement Matrix

In-depth Analytics

Trend Graphs

Robust Goal Setting & Tracking

Recurring Revenue Tracking

Mobile App - Membrain Go

Integrated Sales Inbox and Email Composer

Integrated Sales Calendar

Custom Fields

Customizable Views and Filters

Automated Data Imports and Exports

Website Integration Using Membrain Beacon

Built in Collaboration Tools

The Content Hub

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The addition of Account Growth completes Membrain's Sales Enablement platform.
Some words from sales development experts:
Paul Linthwaite
Paul Linthwaite
KAMBridge Partners
Membrain's Account Growth module is the most flexible and dynamic solution to bring account plans to life in daily operations.
Warwick Brown
Warwick Brown
The KAM Club
Account plans are essential. Membrain eliminates distractions with tools that help account managers focus on what matters.
Henrik Munthe
Prosales Consulting
Membrain visualizes customer segmentation, account plans, and allows guided execution across cross-functional teams.