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Most Companies’ Growth Will Come from Existing Customers

Yet, many companies focus their sales and marketing budgets on recruiting "new logos".

With Membrain's Account Growth module, you will always know who your best customers are. Membrain guides your teams to expand relationships, better understand customers, create and execute growth plans, and gain insights to improve your efforts.

Visualize Your Best Accounts

Membrain automatically visualizes your accounts in an intuitive grid based on your specific criteria. This interactive overview will help you zoom in and out, find outliers, and to see growth patterns over time - to always prioritize the right accounts.


Understand Each Key Customer

To help your customers grow, you need to understand their business and your engagement with them.

When you understand your customers' challenges and aspirations, you can craft plans and convert them to actionable tasks to be completed in a structured and disciplined way.



Build Trust and Relationships

Tools like organizational charts and decision team maps help you ensure that you are engaged at the right people to build trust and strong relationships.

In addition, by aggregating all the other relevant information into one account-scoped view, your teams will be able to better connect the dots, collaborate, and find opportunities to grow with each customer.


Execute Plans with Structure and Ease

Just having a plan is not enough. You need to execute it successfully and be aligned with your customers' expectations. Membrain's guiding sales process and task management tools will make your plans informative, actionable, and collaborative.


Account Growth Analytics

Track Your Progress

Built-in analytical tools will help you keep your promises. See your progress in beautiful dashboards, customized to your needs. 

Learn from the data to improve every aspect of your account growth strategy and execution.  


Embrace Customer Success & Partner Excellence

The Account Growth module is very flexible and can be used for purposes beyond traditional account planning and execution.

Our customers use it to plan and execute their customer success initiatives and to manage and grow their partner channels.

Focus on Growth
The Account Grid
Account Page
Who's Who
Growth Plans
Tracking Progress

See your best customers

There is magic in the graphical overview of your customers. Define your grid and see which customers you need to focus on.

Understand each account

Quickly and easily create your account overviews, which will help you understand each account and connect the dots to grow them.

Know who's who

Membrain's org chart and decision team map will help you identify the right people, their attitude, and their influence. Expand your network and improve your alignment.

Create a plan to grow

Knowing which clients to focus on, and understanding them closely, you can now create a structured growth plan and collaborate with your team to make progress.

See progress in beautiful dashboards

Using goal tracking and customized dashboards, you will get the perfect overview of progress made in each account, and across your entire customer base. These insights will help you improve your segmentation, planning, and execution.

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The addition of Account Growth completes Membrain's Sales Enablement platform.
Some words from sales development experts:
Paul Linthwaite
Paul Linthwaite
KAMBridge Partners
Membrain's Account Growth module is the most flexible and dynamic solution to bring account plans to life in daily operations.
Warwick Brown
Warwick Brown
The KAM Club
Account plans are essential. Membrain eliminates distractions with tools that help account managers focus on what matters.
Henrik Munthe
Prosales Consulting
Membrain visualizes customer segmentation, account plans, and allows guided execution across cross-functional teams.