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Fika* with Membrain 

In the Swedish custom of taking an afternoon break for coffee and a nice chat, we welcome you to these informal live webinars where we highlight the most recent additions and improvements to Membrain, and give you a chance to ask questions and chat with us about all things Membrain.

More Structure for Workflows

Control those roller-coaster results by bringing more structure to your workflow with advanced rules and automation.

Lite User Accounts

Getting your whole team to use Membrain doesn't have to cost you an arm and a leg with our lite user account option. 

Closing Dates, Date Based Rules, & Automated Events

Gain more control over streamlining your workflow, increase accountability and mitigate problems that might prevent projects from closing on time.

Productivity Tips & Tricks

Increase your productivity and support your remote team's efficiency and collaboration using tools and features right within Membrain.

Content Cards, Performance Graphs, & Trial

Brand new visualizations and facelifts to keep that brain fatigue down. 

Beacon, Content Hub & Integrations

Powerful marketing capabilities, deeper customer engagement insights and more streamlined workflows.

Engagement Matrix, Account Growth Timeline, & Trend Graph

Visually spot new opportunities more easily with insight into most engaged, who's engaging with who, and more.

Beyond the Basics 

45-minute training videos for those wanting to learn some next-level skills from some of the brightest minds at Membrain. 



5 Utmaningar som står mellan dig och en effektiv, förutsägbar säljprocess 

Även om vi vet att en effektiv och förutsägbar säljprocess är en nyckel till framgång, så gör det inte utmaningen mindre när vi väl ska skapa en.



5 Tricky Questions Answered About Creating a Sales Process 

Learn to manage the trickiest parts of creating an Effective & Predictable Sales Process.

Growing Existing Accounts

Learn how to engage more effectively and become a truly value-added partner with our 4 step framework.

Map Your Unique Sales Process

Increase your profit by 28% by learning how to map your unique sales process.