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per user/month (min. 5 users)

For start-ups and smaller sales teams that need a foundation for predictable and consistent growth and to establish the right sales behaviors.
One Customizable Sales Process
Opportunity Management
Active Pipeline Overview
Sales Performance Management
Team Collaboration & Communication
Story Stream
Membrain GO
CRM Database
Membrain Meet
Other capabilities
Sales Calendar & Tasks
Email Templates & Tracking
Sales Inbox
Daily & Weekly Pipeline Coaching Emails

Custom Fields
Single-select lists
Multi-select lists

Office365 Calendar & Email
Google Calendar & Gmail

$1,950 optional training

Always includes: self-service Help Center resources, practical video guides and responsive email product support.

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Membrain Excellence gives sales organization with medium to large sales teams the complete solution for best-in-class sales effectiveness.
Unlimited Customizable Sales Processes
Dynamic Sales Process
Prospecting Campaigns
Configurable Qualifying Criteria
Visual Decision Team Maps
Win/Loss Analysis
Customizable Dashboard
Visual Organizational Charts
Other capabilities
Automation Events
Multiple Sales Teams
Advanced User Rights Management
Sales Territory Capabilities
Company Hierarchies

Custom Fields
File uploads
Calculation Fields

$5,000 Clearpath Promise

We will guide along our Clearpath Promise, helping you every step of the way with a simple, predictable, successful implementation provided at a single, fixed price.
Simply drag & drop to create your best practice, milestone-focused sales process. Guide your team through easy-to-follow workflows from first contact to won deal. Membrain makes it easy for your team to execute your sales process.
Gain true insight into each individual opportunity and see exactly what's been achieved, what the next step is, who has been engaged from the client and what's important to the client.
Membrain goes beyond just visualizing your pipeline. We show you the health of each opportunity and the guidance needed for deal momentum.
Quickly configure sales goals, guide your sales people towards them with meaningful activity metrics. Visualize & track progress towards quota, win-rates, deal size, sales cycles and other leading indicators to success.
Be notified of important events, communicate and collaborate on important opportunities, prospects and appointments right from inside Membrain.
Get a clear view of all the activities and progress made by the entire team in real-time. Quickly offer coaching guidance, ask for help where needed and remain on top of all sales efforts at any time.
The world's most sophisticated sales effectiveness platform, in the palm of your hand. Available on Android and iPhone you can easily execute your sales process and stay on top of your calendar, prospects and pipeline while on the go.
Membrain includes a CRM database to store information on accounts and contacts. Use it as a standalone solution, or to complement your existing CRM.
Efficiently send emails and track engagement. Use email templates to save time and ensure consistent messaging from the entire team.
Quickly and visually separate the noise from the high value emails with Membrains Sales Inbox that helps prioritize emails from prospects & opportunities.
Get more meetings using the Membrain Meet scheduling service that eliminates the email ping-pong usually needed to book meetings with clients and prospects.
Deploy multiple sales processes to manage different market segments, product categories or to handle the challenges of attracting new customers differently than selling to existing customers.
Actively guide your team through your sales process and activate situational playbooks to help your team navigate complex competitive scenarios, adjust to industry-specific challenges or other obstacles in helping your customers move along the buyers journey.
Each opportunity is unique. Membrain's dynamic sales process allows you to develop deal-level strategies to ensure deal momentum and increase win rates.
Membrain's prospecting module provides the workflow to prospect effectively and the discipline to disqualify the wrong type of clients in order to build a healthy sales pipeline.
Qualifying deals is essential to sales performance. Score and qualify prospects and opportunities to identify and eliminate poor fits so your team can focus on high-value opportunities.
Map and manage multiple stakeholders to visualize your client's decision team. Capture and score their attitude & decision influence and embed these tools directly inside your sales process.
Use Membrains Win/Loss Analysis to understand why you win and lose deals, how opportunities move through your pipeline and continually optimize the execution of your sales strategy.
Membrains customizable dashboard is one of the most powerful, yet still easy to use, analytical tools available. Reveal and visualize key insight previously hidden within your organization with just a few clicks.
Create scorecards that help break down subjective estimates and quantify ideal customer fit, a prospect's readiness to enter your sales pipeline and facilitate deeper methodology components in your sales process.
Use the integrated visual organization chart to gain a deeper understanding of your major accounts, both existing and potential.
Manage complex account structures using Membrains company hierarchies to easily navigate between related companies and easily see current and past sales efforts on a global account level.
Use the flexible calculation field for things such as commission calculations, combining multiple score cards and split or combine expected deal revenue into monthly breakdowns or annual totals.

The results seen by our clients


“We looked at CRM tools, but none really worked with the sales process we had developed. We needed more. We have long sales cycles, with different types of key performance indicators, and many personalities involved in a complex sale.”


Sven-Erik Gustafsson, Sales Director at Scania Mining


“Using Membrain’s Playbook capabilities has kept not only my team, but me, consistently moving prospects through the sales process to a more predictable outcome. Our win rates have doubled with the help of Membrain.”


Nate Lelle, Executive Vice President at Meyer-Najem Construction


“Membrain was a game changer. It helped us to the next stage of our growth journey, and scale with a standard process in place. We increased quota attainment from ~50% before Membrain to 104%. It’s very intuitive and easy to teach. It just works.”


Roberto Scott, Sales Director at Analitek

Using Salesforce? Don’t want to leave?

That’s ok! Membrain can be deployed as a plugin, giving you all the sales process capabilities and enablement without ever leaving Salesforce. Click here to schedule a meeting with us and explore together if and how Membrain could help your sales organization achieve increased selectiveness.


Do we have to buy services?

WE STRONGLY RECOMMEND IT. While Membrain is incredibly easy to customize and use, we want to ensure that you quickly become familiar with the tools to execute your sales strategy. On the Excellence tier our Clearpath Promise on-boarding service is mandatory, unless you're working with a strategic Membrain partner that will provide this service for you.

We also provide data import services to safely bring your data from your current database into Membrain, as well as sales process design workshops to map your unique sales process and methodology into an informative and actionable process in Membrain.

Do we need to sign annual contracts?

YES. We want to provide your organization with more than just software. We want to help you achieve consistent sales performance, which will require consistency in execution. 

For us to give you the committment needed to help you to achieve your goals, we need a committment from you.

Can we integrate with Outlook & Google calendars and email?

YES. There is a full two-way sync of both calendar platforms and server-side email integration with any email platform.

Many providers have hidden fees, will there be any surprises?

NO. We price per user at the price point for the edition you chose. There are no traffic charges, storage fees or expensive 3rd party technical consultants needed.

Is Membrain a CRM? Or do we need a CRM as well?

EITHER OR. This depends on the needs of your organization. You can use Membrain together with your current CRM, such as Salesforce or Microsoft Dynamics.

That said, many customers do replace their old CRM with Membrain's built-in CRM capabilities.

Is there a free trial of Membrain?

NO. While many other software companies provide self-service trials of their software (and often self-service support as well), we don't believe it to be the most efficient way for you to reach your outcome.

Instead, we'll take the time to understand how we can help you execute your sales strategy. We then set up an evaluation format suited to your needs. Just reach out and we'll get started.