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The crisis

Sales effectiveness is in crisis, but only for the majority. While the sales industry pours billions of dollars into sales training, seminars, and software packages that make little to no difference in outcomes, a small minority of sales teams continue to quietly improve year over year, steadily pulling ahead of the competition.

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43% miss

CRM was never designed to help salespeople be better salespeople "

CRM is not the answer

Many organizations implement CRM thinking it will improve their effectiveness. Unfortunately, they’re almost always wrong.

CRM was never designed to help salespeople be better salespeople. It was designed to force them to report their activities so that managers could generate reports so that leadership could read reports. Salespeople are not stupid. They know this doesn’t help them.

CRM is great if all your salespeople, including new hires, know exactly what to do, with whom, how and when, and you only need to know how many activities they performed.

But being busy doesn’t equate to being productive, and salespeople don’t always know which activities matter, especially in our ever-changing sales environment.

How Membrain closes the technology gap

Membrain is a complete sales effectiveness platform that can replace or plug into your existing CRM.

It enables you to develop a milestone-based, informative, and actionable sales process and methodology.

Once in use, it sits at the center of the salesperson’s daily workflow, identifying and guiding winning behaviors, enabling self-coaching, empowering managers, and delivering reliable forecasts based on accurate data.

When implemented correctly, Membrain increases user adoption and provides real value to the salespeople who use it.

The journey to Sales Excellence
The Sales Effectiveness Platform for Complex Sales

How it works

Membrain makes it easy to execute on your sales strategy and enable salespeople to grow with each deal. Membrain equips managers to coach to higher performance and optimize your sales strategy to gain competitive advantage.

It does all of these things by providing the tools to:

  • Identify and reinforce winning behaviors
  • Align with the customer buying process
  • Automatically track goals and progress
  • Optimize based on robust win/loss analytics
  • Provide accurate forecasting based on good data

What you can achieve with Membrain

When deploying Membrain, you’ll solve these problems:


Membrain is a web-based and fully mobile-enabled sales effectiveness software

Membrain is top sales enablement technology, as awarded by TopSalesAwards

Your sales team will be poised to outstrip the competition

You’ll be the leader of a world-class sales organization that consistently crosses the finish line first. 

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