Inaccurate Sales Forecasts

Leave guesswork at the door

Many important business decisions rely on projected revenue. If you can't trust your sales forecast, you can't plan ahead.

Sales forecasts should be based on actual progress throughout your best practice sales process - not gut feel or "guesstimations".

Isn't it time we remove the arbitrary and focus on the important?

  • < 50%

  • ...of forecasted B2B deals close at the estimated date for the projected.

In our world, you set the rules

We'll help keep your forecasts from being polluted with opportunities that are too old, have no pulse or no momentum.

We monitor the health of each opportunity, keep tabs on the weighted pipeline and help you produce forecasts based on progress, commitment and understanding of your buyer.

You decide the criteria. We provide the predictability.

I can’t imagine running the business without Membrain. It would be like flying a jumbo jet in a blizzard without any navigation equipment!
Paul O’Donohue, SalesStar New Zealand

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