Stalling deals and unhealthy pipeline

Reports Don't Tell the Full Story

We understand the frustration of constantly seeing important deals falling out of the pipeline.

Trying to decipher multiple lists when trying to understand why this keeps happening adds insult to injury.

The question we need to answer is "Why"?

Why do important deals stall and fall out of your pipeline?

What information do you need to pinpoint the patterns and take the actions needed to reverse the trend?


  • ...more time is spent on deals that are lost, compared to won.

We Keep You on Track

Before a deal heads south, Membrain will notify you. If deals have problems that can't be resolved, Membrain will remove them from your forecast. Don't be surprised, be in control!

More importantly, we help you uncover the trends that produce undesirable results.

If sales reps consistently fail to qualify prospects properly, identify the relevant stakeholders, or ask the important questions, Membrain will provide the daily coaching needed to get them back on track.

If losing a deal is a big deal, Membrain is for you.