Losing too many deals

Selling Is Not an Art, but Selling Must Be Artfully Executed

If you are currently facing low win rates by losing too many deals, you are not alone. Far from it.

Selling complex solutions to customers with an ever-growing number of decision influencers takes time. This equals long sales cycles and high sales costs.

What do top performers do differently? There is no magic pill (we checked). It's not all about talent. They simply do a lot of little things right, which lead to big results.

Status Quo

  • ...remains the biggest reason for lost deals.

EXECUTE With Excellence

Using Membrain, you'll convert your best practices into sales infrastructure that your sales people use every day. In short, we provide a systems approach that will help you win more B2B deals.

We can't eliminate competitors, indecisions and status quo. But, we can provide software and tools that give you what you need to consistently improve your win rates. Because consistently doing the little things right will take care of the big things over time.