Sales Enablement on the Go

The capabilities of the world’s most sophisticated sales enablement CRM in the palm of your hand.

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Sales Enablement On The GO




Easily execute your sales process

With Membrain GO you have the capabilities of the world’s most sophisticated sales enablement CRM in the palm of your hand. Available natively on iOS and Android.


Membrain Go enables you to: 

  • Always know where your next meeting is and quickly get all the information you need to prepare.
  • Get notifications about your tasks, action, and coaching from your peers and managers.
  • Quickly and easily access your prospects, pipeline, playbooks, scorecards and sales enablement content.


Intelligent Notifications

Ask your sales coach for advice and receive responses in seconds or
receive actionable alerts when a deal is in trouble. 

Enter Every Meeting Fully Prepared

Just open the app to know exactly where your next appointment is, with whom and what to accomplish. Have instant access to historical information and all the contact details at hand. Stay informed on where the buyer is in their decision process, the app will recommend the next steps to take together so you always move one step closer to closing.




Log What's Important Before You Forget

After calls and meetings, easily capture notes and schedule follow-up meetings using the Membrain Meet scheduling service in order to create and maintain momentum in your pipeline.

Use The Built-In Membrain Sales Inbox

You'll be notified about important emails from key stakeholders in your prospecting and sales project efforts; have access to email templates and be notified when your emails are opened and engaged with. Simply put, Membrain GO equips the sales professional with the tools and information needed on the go!





The Content Hub

This built-in feature makes sure you always have a central location for all sales-related content even on the go. The Content Hub flips the traditional approach inside out, making your sales content part of the foundation of your sales process, rather than a group of disconnected files that live in a folder somewhere.

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Membrain GO is designed entirely to help sales professionals navigate and win complex deals on the go. You shouldn't have to lose your sales enablement capabilities, your playbooks and your productivity tools just because you fold up your computer. With Membrain GO, you don't have to.
George Brontén, CEO, Membrain

Membrain Is CRM and Sales Enablement Combined. When HOW You Sell Matters!

A three-time Top Sales CRM winner, a Top Sales Tool for five years straight and named the Top Sales Enablement Technology three years in a row. Membrain is the only software named as a G2 Crowd High Performer in each of the CRM, Sales Performance Management, Sales Coaching and Sales Enablement categories.