Elevating the Sales Profession

In a world of hyper-efficiency, we focus on making B2B sales teams more effective. Legacy CRM systems focus on information and activity volume through requirements. We focus on guidance and progress through coaching.

If you are a proud sales professional, cutting-edge marketer, customer success professional, or world-class programmer, let's achieve magical things together! 

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About Us

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Membrain is on an incredibly exciting growth journey with an award-winning product that challenges the established players in the CRM and Sales Enablement space.

We believe traditional CRMs have grown into hulking monsters that focus on data entry and reporting instead of helping salespeople grow, develop and succeed. We challenge old ways of thinking and work daily to improve ourselves. With the mantra of “what is good today is not good enough tomorrow” we live and breathe innovation, continuous improvement and take great pride in our professional work ethic.

Membrain culture

Your new colleagues are spread across the globe and we use best-of-breed tools to achieve our goals. From Stockholm to Columbus, from Atlanta to Dublin we are daily in online video meetings, using web-based tools to call our partners and customers or to collaborate within the team. We take care of each other and value our familial culture. Every day starts with a morning huddle where we share highlights, new insights learned and our ambitions for the day. All to create the very best conditions for both personal growth as well as team-based success.

We’re looking for someone who wants to wake up and make a difference every day. Maybe this someone is you?

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Our Core Values



We believe that work becomes meaningful when it helps us grow, as individuals and professionals, and that small teams with purpose and passion can move mountains.

These are the core values that we live by:

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Challenge the Mainstream


The law of least resistance leads to mediocre experiences. Challenge the norm; find new ways of doing things and new solutions to problems.

Core value Be Professional-1

Be Professional


Do what you set out to do, keep your promises, and never blame others, or circumstances. By doing so, you will gain the respect of others and build trust - upon which relationships are built. Don't take shortcuts.

Core values have a growth mindset-1

Have a Growth Mindset


What is good enough today will not be sufficient tomorrow. For your undertakings and relations to grow, you must continually improve all aspects of them.

Core value be full of heart-1

Be Full of Heart


We care about each other, we are kind and we lift each other up. We believe that building together is better than building alone.

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