Slow Ramp-up Times

Ramping Up New Sales Hires

Hiring the right salespeople is essential. So is the often neglected afterthought of an on-boarding process.

Getting a new B2B salesperson to full productivity takes many months. Failed on-boardings are costly, to say the least.

New hires not only need coaching and mentoring, product training and constant feedback. They need to be able to execute your sales strategy every day. They need guidance to sell consistently.

How do we mitigate the risks and get new hires to full productivity, faster?

1 IN 2

  • ...newly hired B2B reps fail within 18 months.

Replace Confusion With Structure

Sales software can't replace human interaction. But it has an important part to play in selling.

Think of Membrain as the tool that builds the right habits in your salespeople.

What's your sales process? Check Membrain.

How should I prospect? Check Membrain.

What are our ideal customer profiles? Check Membr...

You get the idea.

Let the system be your one-stop shop for best practices and immediate learning, so you can focus on developing and retaining talent.

Drive Behavior. Not Logs.

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