Elevate the sales profession by driving successful behaviour


Sales excellence begins by putting theory into practice

To achieve this vision we follow and participate in the latest research regarding success factors in complex B2B sales. We always listen. We love to discuss ideas with everyone who share our passion for the sales profession. Both academics and professionals on the field.

We then design and create solutions which make the rubber hit the road and allow for increased success in navigating complex b2b sales to assist buyer's on their journey to success.

We do all of this because we believe sales is one of the most important jobs in the world. It's also one of the most challenging. Working with complex business to business sales is what drives a company's revenue and profitability. But why do sales people still work with tools that aren't designed for sales people? 

We think it's time for sales people to have a tool that's designed specifically for winning complex B2B sales. 

Membrain is all about your sales process. About qualifying your prospects. And it's about a tool that is designed for sales teams instead of marketing or management. Everything in Membrain is aimed at giving you and your team the best possible conditions to excel.

We know sales coaching matter. We know that by using visual and easy-to-use tools we gain a better understanding of why we win and lose deals. We know that sales teams are tired of entering a ton of data only to create graveyards of information in CRM's that nobody likes to use.

We want to show you there's another way.

A better way.