Your path to a simple, predictable, successful implementation at a fixed price

Why a Clearpath Promise?

At Membrain, we believe risky software implementations are old-fashioned. So, we eliminated them. Our Clearpath Promise removes the usual hazards - ballooning costs, poor user adoption, and endlessly extended timelines. We replaced them with an implementation that is always simple, predictable, successful and provided at a single, fixed price.
We back our guarantee with a proven track record of consistently high user adoption and sales effectiveness success.

Clearpath is...

  • Simple
  • Predictable
  • Successful
  • Fixed Price

How the Clearpath Promise Works

We’ve validated our implementation process across hundreds of customers, and refined it to a fine science. We work closely with your team and partners to ensure a smooth hand-off and ongoing success. Step by step, it looks like this:



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