We are an expert agricultural consulting company, family-owned and led by thought-leader and coach, David Dam. We define your potential, we develop your people and we deliver results.






With over 25 years of experience in the agriculture industry, David accurately identifies the developmental needs of your business — from out in the field to corporate leadership — to provide effective coaching and predictable results. His genuine passion for helping professionals meet their full potential results in an experience that matches the need of the sales team and intentional coaching that people can relate to and grow from.

We have a real-world understanding of the sales process and how to build a world-class organization is essential to differentiating your business.

David has been in the seller and manager’s position, which enables him to develop simple processes that effectively allow the sales professional to be assertive, ask the right questions and provide solutions that support the customer’s needs.

Our industry-leading sales development experience is designed to clearly articulate and illustrate how individuals can strengthen their skills and identify opportunities for growth that will lead to results.

We are revolutionizing the way companies evaluate, develop and implement their people and processes.

Alterrain's Membrain Embedded Services



Sales Process Consulting

Customized sales process design for seed, crop protection, precision, crop nutrition, prospecting and delivering consistent, world-class customer experience.


Instant 2U Coaching

Our coaching processes are available for every situation, fork in the road, or path a salesperson finds themselves.





Skills Reinforcement

We provide a subscription-based, tailored package of training content - delivered right within Membrain.





Ethan_Gosling_Reference_Alterrain_David_Dam"David Dam is the best coach I have ever worked with, in the agriculture industry. He was able to create processes and teach skills to all levels of staff. Through his teaching style, he was able to motivate and challenge staff to looks at things in a different way while keeping it agriculturally focussed to keep staff engaged. I highly recommend David to anyone that is looking to take their team to the next level."

- Ethan Gosling – Canadian Sales Manager, Decisive Farming

jamie"David is a winner who is driven to exceed expectations. Whether it be sales results and profitability or another business objective, David has a very strong track record of delivering results above expectations.

He has walked in the seller's shoes which enables him with the expertise to craft training that prepares sellers for the task."

- Jamie Williamson - Commercial Unit Lead - DuPont Pioneer

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