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With Real Potential.
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About Lushin


We work with natural leaders who need some polish, risk-takers who want predictable outcomes, effective managers who are still honing their skills.

Real people with real potential, but also real challenges. Lushin sales training requires effort. And dedication. And trust. But for those who are ready to be great, it produces lasting change and leads to reliable growth.

Structuring Your Team for Growth



What are you saying? Applying value messaging in different client scenarios with consistency.


Defining the solution-based dialogue between sales teams and clients.


Approaching new relationships based on the right principles.


Earning the right to earn new business.


Methods to decipher the right leads to follow, and how to make it infallible


Placing value on an entirely different process post-sale.


Lushin's Membrain Embedded Services



Sales Strategy and Process Consulting

Lushin sales process consultants assist leaders with implementing a business strategy supported by processes. This sales process consultant takes you through the process of having a repeatable, measurable and recognizable sales process that affects not only the sales team, but the rest of the company and customers, too. Improving company processes improves every aspect of your business.


Enabling Coaching

Developing a process enables sales leaders and managers to coach, mentor, and train from a very specific platform. That consistency will affect a company’s growth, revenue generation, time management and culture.





Skills Training & Reinforcement

Our experienced sales trainers cover a myriad of sales strategies, acting as sales mentors for your team. From explaining how to use the Sandler pain funnel to uncover a prospect's pain to revealing sales prospecting techniques proven to increase sales, we can guide your team towards skills and strategies that will increase your sales success. And make sure that new skills and behaviors are reinforced in their daily workflows in Membrain.

The Membrain Expert

A veteran on the Lushin team and a Membrain expert, Brian is a strong sales management consultant who connects with his clients using a direct—sometimes sarcastic—communication style. His favorite piece of advice: Stop doing that. He helps clients eliminate unproductive behaviors to make way for action that drives results. Brian thrives on the daily opportunity to positively impact people’s lives—both professional and personal.

In his sales management training, Brian aims to provide clarity for his clients. He wants people to learn what they need to do and gain the confidence to do it. His goal is to help them find their swagger. His video on sales coaching techniques is one of our most popular. 

A licensed pilot and backyard grill-master, Brian also lends a hand when his family shows cows around the country.

“When you have no framework at all, you’re just guessing at what works. Lushin’s framework completely takes the guesswork out of it.”

—Todd Duff, Innovations Branding House

“Our folks were relying on relationships to sell—not a sales process. We also didn’t have a sales culture.”

—Justin Brown, Skender Construction



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