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CRM and Sales Enablement tools that adapt the sales process based on each salesperson's strengths and weaknesses

About OMG


Objective Management Group, Inc. (OMG) is the pioneer and industry leader in sales force evaluations and sales candidate screening. Spearheaded by leading sales industry expert, Dave Kurlan, OMG provides growing companies with insights for growing sales, profits, and market share.

OMG partners with approximately 150 certified sales development experts in North America, Africa, Europe, Asia, and Australia, and the OMG assessments can be taken in nearly 20 native languages. No company or sales force is too large or small to get the help OMG is renowned for providing to companies across the globe.

The OMG Membrain Edition

The OMG Membrain Edition offers a pre-configured Membrain CRM including a sales process that changes dynamically based on individual strengths and weaknesses identified by the OMG evaluations.


The Sales Process - Personalized

By integrating the results of the OMG assessments with Membrain's CRM and sales enablement platform, the sales process will change dynamically based on these findings. For instance, steps might show up based on findings such as limiting beliefs about money. Also, the process will eliminate incorrect staging of deals and dramatically improve forecast accuracy.


Enabling Coaching

By using a staged and milestone-based sales process, sales leaders and managers can coach, mentor, and train more effectively. The built-in sales analytic auto-populates visual reports to help sales managers see who needs coaching about what and when.





Integrated Training Content

Within the stages, steps, and milestones of the sales process, you will find content that explains important concepts. This way, your salespeople will not only know what to do with who and when, but also be able to know how to best master each part of the sales process.

The expert: Dave Kurlan

In this 13-minute interview, Membrain's founder George Brontén interviews Dave Kurlan, the father of the OMG assessments, and the CEO of the sales development firm Kulran & Associates, about the importance of sales process and methodology.

“I met yesterday with several executives at Ceridian, who is using a 100-person OMG license [to assess sales candidates]. They reported that their turnover has gone from 22% in 2005 to 4% in 2006 thanks to your Express Screen.” 

—Jake Atwood, President, Ovation Sales Group

“These evaluations are powerful stuff and not everybody’s ready for it. But the people who use them, like we have, can really become successful.” Don Zebe, Sales Director, Baan USA”

—Don Zebe, Sales Director, Baan USA

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