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Add-On Module: Dynamic Process Tools

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Membrain’s Dynamic Process Tools module makes it easy for your team to execute your sales strategy by intelligently guiding them through your sales process and playbooks, automatically tailored for each sales scenario.

Here’s what you get with the
Dynamic Process Tools module


Create and access multiple sales processes

Quickly create customized sales processes to begin the most effective sales journey for specific scenarios. Design processes for new customers acquisition, account planning, up-sells and other approaches that need "your way of working."

Provide situational playbooks for your team

Activate situational playbooks to help your team navigate different sales situations. Dynamically change the steps in any process to tackle industry-specific challenges, competitive scenarios, and other hurdles to effortlessly guide your prospects through their buying journey.


Create & visualize deal-level strategies

Add steps unique to a specific opportunity or remove steps from that aren't needed in a specific deal. This allows for deal-level strategies to be developed by a salesperson or together with a sales coach. It can be used to create strategies for complex accounts or to resuscitate a deal that may have slowed down or encountered a unique obstacle.

Effortlessly qualify deals

Formalize your process for qualifying and scoring your opportunities. This capability provides the tools and workflow needed to align marketing & sales with clear definitions of the ideal buyer so your team only spends time on high-value deals.


Decision Team Map & Organization Charts

Easily map out and manage stakeholders, capture and score attitude and influence. Visualize the decision team and build consensus.

Why add this module?

"It's all in the details." This module adds tools to capture best practices and drive winning behaviors to improve everyone's win rates, deal sized and sales cycles.

How it works

With this module you’ll design a more dynamic, visual workflow that actively guides your team through situational playbooks and helps them navigate complex sales environments and win more deals. Ensure that your team is working the most relevant and actionable sales process with tools like scorecards, decision team maps, organizational charts, assigned process-steps and more.

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