Better Productivity.
At Your Fingertips.

Say goodbye to expensive third-party apps and buggy integrations. We’ve built cutting edge productivity and collaboration tools into our platform that you'd otherwise need 3rd part tools for. Save time and money with our integrated calendar, meeting scheduler, email, templates, snippets, and more.

Here’s what you get

Membrain Meet (Scheduling App)

Think of this like Calendly or ScheduleOnce - a premium scheduling feature that comes built into our basic platform. Let prospects, or anyone else, schedule meetings with you at the click of a button.

Sales Inbox

With Membrain you can access your email via our beautiful sales specific inbox tool. Since Membrain knows about your Prospects and Opportunities we can automatically highlight the most important emails so you never miss a thing. We can also archive messages automatically where they belong (optional). Most importantly, since you get access to your inbox from within the CRM your sales team can be more efficient and you'll see improved CRM adoption as well.

Works with all major email providers.

Email Templates

Efficiently send pre-written emails designed for specific results, and track recipient engagement. Use email templates to save time and ensure consistent messaging from the entire team.


Task Management Software

Ensure that your sales team is making regular progress with our intuitive task management system - integrated directly into Membrain. The smart technology automatically pulls information from the calendar and process to serve up the day’s most important tasks.

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Task Management
Sales Inbox


See all of your upcoming appointments in a single glance from within your Membrain dashboard. No need to leave the software to take care of scheduling business. Integrate your existing Google or Office 365 calendar.

Task Management

Ensure that your sales team is making regular progress with our intuitive task management system - integrated directly into the dashboard. Tasks are also shown from the calendar, to provide a great overview of both tasks and appointments.

Sales Inbox

Pull your email into our beautiful sales inbox to communicate with prospects from directly within Membrain and remove the need to jump between applications. Become more productive by using email templates, snippets, and collateral from the built-in Content Hub. Works with all major email providers.