Easier Communication Builds Meaningful Conversations



Technology that streamlines communication is the smartest way to increase productivity. And you've got it. Inside Membrain.

Faster communication. Bigger impact.

Sales Inbox

A smarter way to email with the right insights and features to drive your sales.

Email Composer

Create professional emails with ease directly inside Membrain.

Email Tracking

Stay on top of giving value by tracking the engagement of the content you send your customers.

Send Mass Email

A great timesaving way to deliver your message to leads and existing clients.

Email Templates

A more efficient and effective way to communicate your message.

Email Snippets

Save massive amounts of time by recycling frequently used texts and inserting it with keyboard shortcuts.

Undo Sends

Rewind time and always feel safe with the ability to undo a send done in error.

Scheduled Email Sends

Stay in the driver's seat by scheduling emails to send exactly when you want them to send.