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Knowing the actual financial impact from your sales enablement efforts will help you justify needed investments of time, money, and resources.

Open the calculator, enter your numbers, and instantly see the financial upside of sales effectiveness improvements from:

  • Higher win rates
  • Larger deal sizes
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The result can be sent to you as a formatted PDF, to share with your team members to make decisions on your sales enablement efforts.

500 K
The total investment for Membrain and related services
3951 %
The Return of Investment (ROI) this solution will yield in 3 years
2 MO
Payback Period
The time from initial investment to earning the investment back
$ 20.3 M
Total Benefit
Benefit from increased productivity & effectiveness
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I believe that most sales teams can increase their revenues by 20% just by eliminating simple mistakes.
George Brontén, CEO, Membrain

Membrain Is CRM and Sales Enablement Combined. When HOW You Sell Matters!

A three-time Top Sales CRM winner, a Top Sales Tool for five years straight and named the Top Sales Enablement Technology three years in a row. Membrain is the only software named as a G2 Crowd High Performer in each of the CRM, Sales Performance Management, Sales Coaching and Sales Enablement categories.