Not Your Average Sales
Coaching Tools.

Complete Transparency

With Membrain's visualizations of your team's progress and performance, you'll immediately know who to coach about what and when, and which parts of your sales strategy and execution that need improvements.

Here’s How It Works

In addition to our powerful CRM, Membrain gives sales managers and leaders behind-the-scenes tools to guide their teams to success by infusing proven sales activities and smart analytics into their daily workflow.

In other words, you have everything you need to ensure your team is adopting winning behaviors and driving sales activities forward in a way that actually moves the needle.

Customizable Sales Process

Simply drag & drop to configure sales goals and establish best practices. Guide your team through easy-to-follow workflows from first contact to won deal. Membrain makes it easy for your team to execute your sales process.


Membrain Guide

Membrain Guide adds real-time intelligence and proactive guidance to your team’s day, ensuring that they never miss a beat in your sales efforts and consistently reach their targets.

Active Pipeline Overview

Membrain goes beyond just visualizing your pipeline. We show you the health of each opportunity and actionable guidance needed for deal momentum.


Integrated Sales Content

Enable your team to take the right actions at the right time, with the right people. Embed training material within your sales process to turn new knowledge into skills and improved performance. By always knowing the next step to take, your sales team can sell in a professional and confident manner.

Story Stream

Get a clear view of all the activities and progress made by the entire team in real-time. Quickly offer coaching guidance, ask for help where needed and remain on top of all sales efforts at any time.


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