Sales analytics that matter

“What gets measured gets done”

In sales management, there’s been some confusion on what sales metrics to measure and track to influence sales performance. Membrain facilitates the understanding of what drives sales performance to consistently reach targets.

Membrain makes it easy to align each sales professional with their business result (quota), objectives and activity metrics. We focus on progress - not just activities!

true analytics - out of the box

  • See trends, not snapshots
  • Guide towards goals
  • Optimized for coaching
  • Track leading indicators


Trend-based analytics

Understand your sales performance at a glance

Detect your team’s strengths and improvement areas

Quickly see your business results, objective and activity achievements

Analyze your wins and losses

Understand why you win and lose deals

Follow key performance indicators such as win-rate, deal size and sales cycle

Adjust your sales process to improve forecast accuracy and win-rates

Weekly reports

Keep all sales people aligned with their targets

Updates sales managers on pipeline and activity progress 

Makes it easier to prioritize sales efforts

Membrain is simple, elegant, opportunity and pipeline focused, and has an out-of-the-box dashboard that's exactly what every company need

Dave Kurlan, Sales Thought Leader, Author, Speaker and CEO of Objective Management Group

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