An easy to use crm database included

CRM for Complex B2B Sales

To make Membrain's sales effectiveness capabilities easily accessible to most organizations, we have included an easy to use CRM database to store your customer information.

You can designate Membrain to serve as your primary CRM database. Or, should you prefer, you may use another CRM system to serve as the central database, such as We keep both options available for you.


  • Integrated CRM database
  • Quickly import data
  • Integrate with other tools
  • 100% cloud based
  • Easy to use interface

Membrain’s focus is to help execute your sales strategy and to grow your sales people from hire date through each deal they work

Central access

Store activities, contacts, emails, documents in one place

Allow everyone on the team to know what’s happening

Quickly search and find the right accounts and contacts

Easy to use

Easy to import data and to access information

Add custom fields and customize quickly

Minimize the number of clicks to enter and access information


Use best of breed solutions for maximum effectiveness

Powerful API for your own specific integrations

Use your favorite tool in combination with Membrain

It is hard not to like this product. The acid test is the uptake I have had with salespeople using it - they love it!

Paul O'Donohue, CEO Salesstar New Zealand

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