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CRM was built on the assumption that salespeople know what to do, with whom, when, and why, and just “log what they’ve done.”

Meet Membrain. The CRM redefined to turn your salespeople into your competitive advantage.

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Let's be honest. All your competitors make the same promises. Let's shake things up and lead the way. There's only one way to transform leads into loyal customers. Step up. Start building long-lasting relationships and Turn how you sell into your competitive advantage.



Be Personal, And Scalable

Bring your sales processes to life and start scaling your way of selling.

Drive The Right Behavior

Identify and guide winning behaviors through sales & training content.

Elevate Your People

Salespeople are not born. They’re made. Coach your team to higher performance.

Grow With Each Deal

Make continuous improvements to your strategy and process for predictable growth.

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Active Pipeline

Sales Process in Focus

Ensure your team sticks the landing every time by following an actionable step by step process that you can easily customize to your organization.

Enforce Best Practices

Avoid bloated pipelines by using Membrain's built-in tools to ensure pipeline quality, current status, and closing time.

Content in Context

Make all of your sales content available to your team from within the context of their daily workflows.

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What Strategic Sales Leaders Say

What I love about Membrain is that it puts the process at the heart of the system, rather than tacking it on as an afterthought.
Bob Apollo
CEO at Inflexion-Point Strategy Partners
Creates transparent communication within sales about prospect status, objective and aligned quantification of pipeline and forecasting. So we can spend the time with the right prospects.
Jonas Ehinger
CEO at Osstell
Membrain allows us to make changes on the fly, improve where we identify bottlenecks, and help reps that might have some gaps in their pipeline before it becomes a serious issue.
Grant Sadowski
CEO & Founder at Becoming3D
Using Membrain’s Playbook capabilities has kept not only my team, but me, consistently moving prospects through the sales process to a more predictable outcome. Our win rates have doubled with the help of Membrain.
Nate Lelle
Executive Vice President at Meyer-Najem Construction
Membrain should be proud. They were very proactive in ensuring that we were putting our best foot forward to use the product. Always looking at what needs to be done to solve the challenges we were facing.
Mike Thomson
MD at Affinitext
You're enabling salespeople to focus on what they do well - sell. No more wasted time searching for content and struggling with clunky CRM.
Joanne Black
Founder at No More Cold Calling
With Membrain we have everybody aligned and following the same process. It works incredibly well, and shows in the results.
Helena Torhage
Marketing Manager at Berotec
Membrain allows me to Automate my revenue-generating activities and process, so I can focus on being the best consultant possible. I spend very little time keeping Membrain up-to-date and at a glance, I know next actions for every project or prospect and what my forecasted revenue is.
Cody Lents
VP at Sales & Accounts at Covi
Membrain, out of the box, is the most complete sales enablement CRM on the market. It has all of the right dashboards, analysis, behavior tracking, and process integration. And salespeople actually live in Membrain.
Brian Kavicky
Vice President/Owner at Lushin Inc
Membrain was a game-changer. It helped us to the next stage of our growth journey, and scale with a standard process in place. We increased quota attainment from ~50% before Membrain to 104%. It’s very intuitive and easy to teach. It just works.
Roberto Scott
Sales Director at Analitek

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