+ Value Selling System®

Enabling your salespeople to sell the way your customers want to buy

At last - a CRM your salespeople will actually want to use!

Designed specifically for complex B2B sales environments, Inflexion-Point’s Value Selling System® guides your salespeople in making intelligent choices about what they need to know and do at every stage of their customer’s decision journey in order to maximise their chances of sales success.

Based on the latest research into B2B buying behaviour, our powerful combination of technology and methodology will equip and enable every member of your sales organisation - from your most experienced veteran to your most recent new recruit - to create, capture and confirm your unique value for every existing and prospective customer.

Watch the video below to see this powerful combination in action:


Systematically Enhancing Your Organisation’s Sales Effectiveness

If you're committed to implementing the principles of value selling at your organisation, the Value Selling System® powered by Membrain offers the framework you've been looking for, enabling you to:

  • Encourage and enable your salespeople to embrace the latest best practices
  • Accelerate the induction of new sales hires and shorten time-to-productivity
  • Dramatically reduce the performance gap between your best sales people and the rest
  • Align your sales processes with your customer’s buying decision journey
  • Equip your salespeople to sell on value rather than on price
  • Shorten sales cycles, increase average deal values and improve sales win rates
  • Give your salespeople a CRM tool they will actually want to use


About the Value Selling System®

Inflexion-Point is a widely-respected UK-based B2B sales effectiveness consultancy with an international customer footprint.

Our Value Selling System® has been designed to equip and enable every salesperson to confidently create, capture and confirm customer-specific value at every stage of their buying decision journey.

Our Membrain implementation (also available as a salesforce plugin) makes it easy for every member of your sales organisation to determine what they need to know and do in order to accurately qualify sales opportunities and maximise their chances of success.

Perhaps most important of all, it allows them to see CRM as an invaluable sales tool rather than an often-detested administrative burden.

Let's talk!

Please pick a time below and we will walk you through how Membrain, powered by Inflexion Point's process and methodology, will help you take your sales team to the next level.


Will you help me get started?

YES. After you sign up, our customer success team will reach out to schedule a meeting with you and a SalesStar team member. In this meeting, we will determine exactly what level of services you need, or if you can get started directly on your own.

Does Membrain replace our CRM?

EITHER OR. This depends on the needs of your organization. You can use Membrain as a complete standalone CRM and sales enablement solution, or as a complement to your existing CRM.

Can we synchronize calendars and email?

YES. There is a full two-way sync with both Google and Office 365 Calendars and server-side email integration with any email platform.

Any hidden license fees?

NO. The price $79 per user per month, with a minimum of 5 users. No traffic charges, storage fees or expensive 3rd party technical consultants needed. This includes the Membrain platform and a pre-configured SalesStar process, including enablement content, such as e-learning videos. If you choose to buy additional services, they will be charged separately.

Can I cancel my subscription?

YES. You will be signing a license agreement but can step off within three months if you are not happy.

Is there a free trial?

NO. While many other software companies provide self-service trials of their software (and often self-service support as well), we don't believe it to be the most efficient way for you to reach your outcome. We'll guide and assist you to successful usage and adoption.