Transforming B2B sales effectiveness with the Value Selling System®

Stand-alone CRM solution or
integrated into Salesforce

Tackling today's #1 sales effectiveness challenge

According to SiriusDecisions, the #1 challenge for today’s B2B sales leaders is their sales people’s inability to understand buyer needs and connect them to the business value of their solution. Traditional CRM systems have done little to address the issue.

The Value Selling System® - now powered by Membrain

Based on the latest research into B2B buying behaviour, Inflexion-Point’s Value Selling System
Whether you implement Membrain's stand-alone CRM solution or integrate it into your existing environment, the combination of Membrain’s #1 rates sales effectiveness platform and Inflexion-Point’s powerful Value Selling System methodology has the potential to transform your organisation’s sales performance, improve sales achievement and accelerate revenue growth.

Watch the video below to see this powerful combination in action:


Realise the potential of the Value Selling System

If you're committed to implement the principles of value selling at your organisation, the Value Selling System powered by Membrain offers the framework you've been looking for, enabling you to:

  • Dramatically narrow the performance gap between your best sales people and the rest
  • Accelerate the induction of new sales hires and shorten time-to-productivity
  • Consistently qualify new sales opportunities and eliminate bad deals early
  • Advance qualified sales opportunities more quickly from one stage to the next
  • Drive continuous and rapid improvement in your sales effectiveness
  • Shorten sales cycles, increase average deal values and improve sales win rates

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